Agnes  Sauer

Agnes Sauer


How to Hack a Huge Career in Tech with PR Expert

I sat down with Sarah Evans—tech industry PR legend and strategic communications startup founder—to talk all things branding and influence: from personal to B2B. You can watch the Youtube version of this podcast right here in this post, or grab the audio-only on Spotify, or over at

In this podcast:

  • How to accumulate 100k genuine followers on Twitter
  • What “newsworthy” looks like today
  • How to increase credibility when you’re not getting traditional media coverage
  • Where to pitch stories to build real brand validation
  • Moving from being a Manager to being a Master Collaborator
  • Hacking evidence of the work experience employers are looking for online
  • Creating a company-wide ‘Emotional Compass’ for more mindful communications
  • Why and how to start building a network—especially when you don’t need one
  • How to grow your influence by amplifying the voices of those around you

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How to Hack a Huge Career in Tech with PR Expert
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Enos  Prosacco

Enos Prosacco


The 4 Myths You Hear About Advancing Your Career in Tech

I’ve heard a bewildering number of career advice claims since I started working in tech. There is always some secret knowledge which you can use to take your career to the next level. It’s not enough to be a coding ninja rockstar or whatever buzzword bingo you see in a job ad, you have to focus on the “metagame” of your career. All of this advice started out with the best of intentions, but…

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Career In webMethods

WebMethods is an integration platform that has different runtime components & various Development tools. It comprises EAI & B2B capability and supports many e-standards Like XML Rosetta Net, EDI, etc.

Web services are open standard (XML, SOAP, HTTP, etc.) based web apps that communicate with other web apps to exchange data. Web services can change your existing apps into web apps.

Key Capabilities

API Management

• Quickly deliver innovative self-digital services to improve business interactions.

G2G/G2B integration

• It helps to alt automate G2G or G2B processes from back-office ERP apps, such as SAP and Oracle, to external systems using standards, like EDI, XML, and AS2.

Mainframe integration:

• It helps you to unlock valuable mainframe data without modifying code. Let’s connect mainframe apps to the web, cloud, and social media data sources.

Cloud-native applications:

• It lets you create, run and manage microservices based apps using a modern, adaptive platform. It enables you to manage microservices in the same environment as APIs for simplicity and context awareness.


• It has all the features of Enterprise Applications Integration Systems

• It perfectly fits in the DevOps Cycle

• It can integrate with different platforms like Jenkins, SonarQube, Elasticsearch

• With regular improvements and new features, it is very flexible.

Pay Scale:

• The average webMethods developer salary in the USA is $127,901/year or $65.59 per hour. Entry-level jobs start at $115,000 per year.

Market share

• webMethods has a market share of 9.64% with customers majorly in Computer software (26%), and Information technology services (17%).


Explore more at MindMajix.


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Career in EssBase

Oracles Essbase is an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) server and multidimensional database management system (MDBMS). It is an advanced analytics tool that leverages both Hyperion and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite to “what if” scenarios to help you make the best business decisions for your organization.

• Essbase Databases are usually called “Cubes” that are determined by dimensions. The data in cubes are organized into cross-sectional groups that users can access depending on the sections of the hierarchical sizes they wish to see.

• Essbase is mainly used in budgeting and financial services; Essbase makes it easier to forecast results.

Oracle Essbase Enables Users To

• ‘Write back to an application’s repository • Perform Business Calculations

• Analyze data from various business perspectives effectively

• Quickly model complex business scenarios.

• Visualize data with multiple reporting tools and Microsoft Office documents

Companies Currently Using Oracle Essbase:

• JP Morgan Chase

• Citi Bank


• Lennar

• Facebook

Having a market share of 9.55%, Oracle Essbase stands #2 in the Intelligence and Analytics software market.

Roles and Responsibilities:

•Implementing and developing applications for business based on identified requirements.

• Developing business-focused technical solutions leveraging Enterprise Performance Management(EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) and products

• Designing the user experience from an end-user reporting and budgeting perspective 
• Determining test conditions and test scripts to ensure system stability and validity

• Determining data sourcing strategies and data validation approach.


Explore more at MindMajix.


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Career In PowerApps

Microsoft Power Apps is one of the most successful products in the Microsoft 365 suite. Organizations use it to solve common business process problems like service requests and address workflow needs. Power Apps existing features and the most recent upgrades to the program enable diverse capabilities and customization for businesses.

Why PowerApps?

• Rapid & Reliable app development

• Secure & Scalable Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure

• It has a highly efficient app development process

• It has a Universally Compatible Ul

• It has robust data storage & management features.


PowerApps Use Cases:

Announcements & Communication:

• It lets you publish important information and news to clients.


Asset Management:

• It helps you manage inventory and other assets.


Reviews & Inspection:

• It allows you to capture images of products and also collect data.


Leave Management:

• It lets employees generate leave requests for approval from managers.


Pay Scale:

• The Average Pay scale of a Microsoft Power Apps Developer is $170,500 per annum. Entry-level positions start at$98,500 per annum.


Top Companies Using Power Apps:

• Coca-Cola

• EY

• Pepsi

• H&M


• PayPal

• Shell

• Toyota


Explore more at MindMajix.


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