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Learn Technologies with "Questpond" & be ready for Jobs

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Learn Technologies with “Questpond” & be ready for Jobs
 Learn Azure Step By Step
 AZ 900 | AZ204 | AZ303 Certification
 Learn MVC 5 and MVC Core
 Learn Angular 1.X, 2.X, 4.X & 6.X
 Angular Interview Q & A series
 Learn MSBI Step by Step(Project)
 Learn C# & .NET Tutorials
 Learn Python, Data Science, ML.NET
 Learn Data Structure and Algorithm
 Learn C# Design Pattern in 8 Hours
 Learn SQL Server step by step 16 Hours
 Learn Tableau
 PowerBI Step by Step
 Learn SharePoint Step by Step
 jQuery, JSON & Javascript Frameworks
 Learn .NET in 60 days
 Learn SharePoint Step by Step
 .NET Fundamentals Q & A
 WCF Question and Answers
 Understand OOP’s From Real Project
 Step by Step WPF MVVM
ASP.NET Q and A series
 SQL Server Q & A section
 SQL Performance Tuning
 VSTS Testing (Unit, Load, Automated)
 .NET Projects
 Learn Xamarin Step by Step
 LINQ/Entity Framework Q & A
 SharePoint 2010 Videos
 Biztalk Q & A series
 Function Points
 OOP’s Q & A Video series

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Learn Technologies with "Questpond" & be ready for Jobs