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How do I open the Parity browser interface?

I'm a completely beginner in the blockchain world. I'm following a tutorial on how to develop DApps provided by the company I'm doing my academic practices in, but I think it's kind of old.

In the video, they download a parityInstaller.exe file but in modern releases it doesn't seem to exist anymore, just a binary (we use Windows).

So after that they execute the following command:

parity --chain ropsten --rpccorsdomain localhost --jsonrpc-apis web3,eth,net,personal,parity,parity_set,traces,rpc,parity_accounts,signer ui

A browser tab opens (, no port is displayed) with the Parity interface.

I do the same but it doesn't recognize the "signer ui" part, I've left it as "signer" instead. The program itself detects a deprecated parameter so I use the one that suggests me instead. All okay. But no browser tab pops up, and I can't access the Parity interface through (tried many ports as well). I think it's something that got changed at some point or it simply works differently in the binary version. I can't find any relevant information about it.

May someone please explain me how to make it work nowadays? I'd highly appreciate it.


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These are the Top 5 Browsers for Privacy and Security

Anonymity on the internet has been in a steady state of decline. In the interest of reversing that trend, this is a list of the top five browsers for privacy and security. While it should be noted that nothing published on the internet is perfectly private or secure, these are the browsers that will do the most to get you close.

The issue

Modern digital marketing agencies, eCommerce sites, and ISPs use cookies to show ads or monetize your browsing data without permission. If there’s a buck to be made, someone will make it.

But anonymous browsing can act as some sort of cover. Not complete cover, however, but more than it’s more than nothing. To enhance your privacy and security while browsing the web, consider these five browsers.

Tor Browser :

Tor is fully open-sourced and great for anonymous web browsing. It protects against snooping on web browsing activity. Nowadays a lot of ads agencies use this technique to serve you what they believe to be perfectly tantalizing ad content.

Tor is a cross-platform web browser, which means it supports platforms like Windows, macOS, Linu and more. It can also be used as via a USB device and configured to a user’s specifications. While many say it’s a browser designed for hackers, it can also be used by those who simply value their privacy.

Tor hides your IP, which means your physical location is unavailable to those looking for where you’re searching what. It also helps users get around restrictions used by governments looking to block what can be accessed within their borders.


  • An open-source browser
  • Committed to privacy
  • Comes with .onion browser extension for extra security
  • Shields IP addresses from websites
  • Uses strong server relays


  • Slower than regular browsers
  • Doesn’t block malware
  • Tells websites Tor is in use

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Gloria magee


Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook

On this site, you’ll see working methods to repair the “can’t start Microsoft Outlook” issue. Additionally, these methods can enable you to get up your Outlook and running again without any mistakes.

Now, let us see how it is possible to fix and prevent a much worse situation when you can’t start Outlook. But first, we’re beginning from the reason and symptoms of the mistake.

Recover your Outlook with Outlook PST Recovery.

Which are the causes and symptom of the “Don’t start Microsoft Outlook” mistake?

The most important symptom of the matter is quite clear and readily identifiable. After you click on Outlook you’ll discover a dialogue box appears and can be hanging for a little while, then you receive the “can’t start Microsoft view. cannot open the outlook window. The set of connections can’t be opened” error.

Can’t start Microsoft Outlook

In case the file has corrupted then you are going to discover that its dimensions become kb.

Additionally, there’s absolutely no specific cause for this mistake, but all versions of MS Outlook from 2003 into Outlook 2019 might be impacted. Anyhow, whatever the motive is, the result is the same – you can’t start Outlook. . And the answers for this query are given below.

Workarounds to Solve “Don’t start Microsoft Outlook” problem

Now you understand the reasons why causes “can’t start Microsoft outlook. Cannot open the view window. The collection of folders cannot be opened” problem. Therefore, let us see how to have them repaired. Below there are 2 workarounds that fix this situation.

1. Recover the Navigation Pane configuration file

Typically it’s the corrupt Navigation Pane settings file that limits Microsoft Outlook from the beginning, so the first thing you have to do would be to regain it. Here is how you can do this task:

Click on the Start button.

Following that, Compose the"outlook.exe /resetnavpane" control and click on OK.

If you discover any difficulty and unable to recoup the Navigation pane settings document, then attempt to manually delete the XML file which stores the navigation pane configurations. To do this, go using the next measures:

It’ll open the folder in which MS Outlook Setup files are saved.

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook

2. Repair your Outlook data files with the help of Scanpst.exe.

Then default Outlook data file PST may be damaged or deleted, that’s the reason you can’t start Outlook. The document Outlook.pst isn’t a personal folders file"

To do so, do the Actions listed below:

Below you’ll discover Scanpst.exe from the listing. Double click it.

Additionally, you can go via Start and kind scanpst.exe from the Search box.

Following that, you’ll discover a window click the Browse button to choose your default Outlook.pst file.

After a couple of minutes, your document is going to be fixed.

Hopefully, your document got fixed. If not Then You Need to attempt the alternative provided below:

The majority of the time it fixes the documents. However, if the corruption is intense then this instrument fails. In these situations, you want to utilize PST File Retrieval designed by Mailconvertertools. A novice user can utilize this tool and fix their own Outlook PST files. It’s the very best way to recuperate and fix Outlook PST files and it simplifies all the constraints of the Inbox Repair Tool.


This technical manual is all about how to resolve “can’t start Microsoft outlook. Cannot open the view window. The collection of folders cannot be opened” I am hoping that your issue has been solved. When there’s any difficulty regarding any measure then don’t hesitate to contact.

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What Is Selenium? | Cross-Browser Testing with Selenium

In this Selenium article, we will learn about What Is Selenium? | Cross-Browser Testing with Selenium. Does Selenium support cross browser testing?. When it comes to an application, there are two kinds of user activity: the kind you can control and the

When it comes to an application, there are two kinds of user activity: the kind you can control and the kind you can’t. Irrespective of these actions, you need to build your application to work for all valid cases. The users’ choice of browsers is something that’s out of your control. You have to make sure that your application works perfectly on all browsers; otherwise, you might lose business. And cross-browser testing is a way to identify issues in your application when accessed from different browsers.

This post will look at what Selenium is and why using Selenium is beneficial for cross-browser testing. Then we’ll look at some Python Selenium examples and see cross-browser testing with Selenium in action. But before that, let’s understand why we need cross-browser testing.

Why Do We Need Cross-Browser Testing?

We don’t write different application code for each browser. Then why do we need to test it on different browsers? Yes, the same code goes to all browsers, but not all browsers process the same way, nor do they use the same rendering engine. For example, Chrome uses WebKit, Firefox uses Gecko, and so on. The job of rendering engines is to visualize the application code. So even if the code is the same, the way it’s processed is different.

If your webpage is of a single HTML file with a couple of simple lines, then you won’t see any difference when it’s displayed on different browsers. But you might see some differences if you have a complex website. For example, the web elements aren’t aligned like they’re supposed to be, or the objects aren’t appearing. This could be because the browser is not rendering your code as expected. Cross-browser testing helps you understand how your application works on different browsers and identify issues, if any. Hence, it’s a part of improving your product.

There are different methods/tools for cross-browser testing. It all started with manual testing, but that’s antiquated now. Now, you can either use web automation frameworks or automated testing tools. In this post, we’ll focus on one such framework—Selenium.

What Is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source framework built for browser automation. The primary purpose of Selenium is to simulate the actions of users within the application. It helps you create and run test cases on applications. These test results help you identify any bugs in your application that you can fix to improve your application’s quality.

Selenium is among the most popular frameworks for automated testing. Selenium is not just a single software program; it’s a suite. It comes with different options:

  • WebDriver: a collection of language-specific bindings to drive a browser
  • IDE: an add-on that will do a simple record and playback of interactions with the browser
  • Grid: to run the tests against a vast combination of browsers/OSs

When you use Selenium, you can automate the browser, giving you many options and features. And because of its flexibility, you can simulate almost everything that a user can do on the application. But because our focus is on cross-browser testing, let’s see how Selenium is beneficial for it.

Cross-Browser Testing With Selenium

I’m using Selenium WebDriver in these examples, and my choice of programming language is Python. Now we need an application to test how it behaves on different browsers. Not all applications allow you to crawl them or send automated requests. So make sure the application you’re using will enable you to do so. In most cases, you can get this information from the robots.txt file.

Firstly, we need to set up a few things. You need to install Python (2.x or 3.x). Following that, you need to install Selenium for Python. You can do that by running the following command:

pip install selenium

Next, we need to download webdrivers for different browsers. Make sure to download a webdriver that’s compatible with your browser. In this post, I’ll cover the following webdrivers:

  1. Google Chrome (link to download webdriver)
  2. Microsoft Edge (link to download webdriver)
  3. Brave

The script I’ll use will open the website, wait for three seconds, click on the START TESTIM FREE button, wait for three more seconds, and close the browser.

For the clicking on the button part, we need to tell our code how to find the button. We can find an element using different methods, but I’ll do so by using XPath. To find the XPath of an element, right-click on the element and click Inspect.

You should now see the inspection tab with the code for the element highlighted. Right-click on the highlighted section, and under Copy, click Copy XPath.


And the XPath will be copied. Now we have all the requirements ready. Let’s see what the Python code looks like.

Cross-Browser Testing With Selenium: Chrome

#Import required libraries
from selenium import webdriver
import time
driver = webdriver.Chrome(r'D:\chromedriver') #Mention location of chrome webdriver
driver.get("") #Opens website
elem = driver.find_element_by_xpath('//*[@id="main"]/div/div/div/div[2]/a[1]') #Find the button using XPath #Click the button
driver.quit() #Close the browser

While executing any of these codes, you may see an error like this:

You see that there’s a compatibility issue between your browser and the webdriver you’re using. But don’t worry. To get past this, you need to download the compatible webdriver based on the browser version. This is something you’ll have to compromise with when using Selenium web drivers. If you update your browser, you might again have to download another webdriver. If you’re thinking of testing for different versions of a browser, you’d need to have multiple compatible web drivers.

If you don’t want the hassle, you can try different testing methods such as using an AI-powered testing tool like Testim. Testim is an excellent tool and has almost every feature you need to make application testing easy. It’s pretty straightforward to create tests and execute them. You also get many options to customize tests.

Now, let’s come back to Selenium.

Cross-Browser Testing With Selenium: Microsoft Edge

#Import required libraries
from selenium import webdriver
import time
driver = webdriver.Chrome(r'D:\msedgedriver') #Mention location of Edge webdriver
driver.get("") #Opens website
elem = driver.find_element_by_xpath('//*[@id="main"]/div/div/div/div[2]/a[1]') #Find the button using XPath #Click the button
driver.quit() #Close the browser

The only difference between these two scripts is the webdriver. You have to replace the webdriver for Chrome with the webdriver for Edge.

Cross-Browser Testing With Selenium: Brave

It’s a little different for Brave than the other two browsers. The Brave browser doesn’t have a separate webdriver, but it uses ChromeDriver because Chrome and Brave are built on Chromium. So we need to change some configurations to have Selenium use the Brave browser.

#Import required libraries
from selenium import webdriver
import time
options = webdriver.ChromeOptions()
options.binary_location = 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\BraveSoftware\\Brave-Browser\\Application\\brave.exe' #
driver = webdriver.Chrome(chrome_options= options, executable_path = r'D:\chromedriver') #Mention location of chrome webdriver
driver.get("") #Opens website
elem = driver.find_element_by_xpath('//*[@id="main"]/div/div/div/div[2]/a[1]') #Find the button using XPath #Click the button
driver.quit() #Close the browser

What we’re doing is updating the default webdriver configuration and exclusively specifying to use the Brave browser.

You might have observed that we’re not making significant changes to code, just changing the webdriver. The code is reusable for different browsers, and it saves time.

To Conclude

Cross-browser testing is an integral part of application testing. You don’t perform separate tests; instead, you perform the same tests on different browsers. So you need to reduce redundancies in the process. Automated testing is very useful in such cases, and the Selenium framework is a master of this. We’ve gone through different aspects of cross-browser testing with Selenium and some examples of how we can implement it.

As a better alternative, you can use Testim. Testim is an automated testing platform for fast authoring of tests. These are some of the features Testim provides:

  • Record and playback testing
  • Automatic identification and lock-in of elements
  • Reuse of components across tests
  • Customization of tests with code
  • Visual configuration
  • AI-powered stability
  • Root cause analysis

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AOL Emails Not Loading Problems (+1-888-857-5157) in Chrome Browser

This is image title
AOL Mail is one of the free email services that includes calendar management and task management. If your AOL Emails Not Loading Problems in Chrome Browser, try these troubleshooting steps which is mention below. In this post, we are trying to describe the reason behind AOL email not loading and how to resolve AOL mail loading issues.

3 Reason Behind AOL Emails Not Loading Problems

Reason #1. Whenever you are unable to receive the new emails into your computer. You should log into your AOL mail account and go to the settings and click on filter settings. Now check the account settings, if you find any filter. you need to click on delete. After deleting the settings, you should send a mail to yourself. Let’s see if you are receiving it now or not.

Reason #2. If you do not find any filters into your emails, you should check the block list settings, maybe you have blocked the new emails from senders. That’s why you are not receiving any new emails. so, you should immediately go ahead and check it.

Reason #3. If you are unable to receive the new emails into your phone or computer. I would like to suggest you to check the server settings. Most of the time, people are facing such kind of problem due to the incorrect server settings. So, you should check them properly and if you find something wrong over there. You need to remove the account from your computer or phone and then reconfigure it. It will start working fine.

How to Resolve AOL Emails Not Loading Problems in Chrome Browser

If Your AOL Emails Not Loading Problems in Chrome Browser then you can go and find a help to resolve this issue. To get through this problem, follow the instructions below:

Solution 1: Clear browsing data on Chrome

  • On your computer, launch the Google Chrome browser after assuring that you have a stable Internet connection.
  • Close all the browser tabs (if any) and open a new blank tab.
  • Click the Customize and control Google Chrome icon at the top-right corner and select the More tools option from the drop-down list.
  • In the pop-up window, navigate to the top-left corner and click the clear browsing data tab beneath History.
  • When you are asked to choose the time limit, choose the Time
  • After choosing all the data, click the Clear data button to remove all your Chrome browsing data.
  • Once you have removed all the browsing data, sign in to your AOL Mail.
  • If your AOL Mail is still not loading on Chrome, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Reset web settings

  • On your Chrome browser, stop all the running tabs and start a blank tab.
  • Navigate to the top-right corner of the tab and click the Customize and control Google Chrome icon (three vertical dots).
  • Click on Settings from the drop-down list.
  • Navigate to the bottom of the Settings page and click Advanced.
  • Click the Reset Settings tab twice underneath Reset and clean up.
  • Now, your Chrome browser will be restored to factory defaults.
  • Restart your Chrome browser and navigate to the official AOL site.
  • Enter the correct login credentials in the essential field and try signing in to your AOL email account.
    If AOL Mail is still not loading on Chrome, contact our technical support team by clicking the Call button available on this page for remote assistance.
    After this, if you are unable to resolve AOL emails loading problems in chrome browser, don’t be panic. Email Expert 24*7 team is here to resolve all AOL mail issues as soon as possible. Just Dial Customer Care Toll-Free Number: +1-888-857-5157 and get instant help. Our technical team’s services are available- 24x7.


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Did Google Open Sourcing Kubernetes Backfired?

Over the last few years, Kubernetes have become the de-facto standard for container orchestration and has also won the race against Docker for being the most loved platforms among developers. Released in 2014, Kubernetes has come a long way with currently being used across the entire cloudscape platforms. In fact, recent reports state that out of 109 tools to manage containers, 89% of them are leveraging Kubernetes versions.

Although inspired by Borg, Kubernetes, is an open-source project by Google, and has been donated to a vendor-neutral firm — The Cloud Native Computing Foundation. This could be attributed to Google’s vision of creating a platform that can be used by every firm of the world, including the large tech companies and can host multiple cloud platforms and data centres. The entire reason for handing over the control to CNCF is to develop the platform in the best interest of its users without vendor lock-in.

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