Hollywood Filmmakers to Start Using Cryptocurrency in 2021|KevinSmith will sell the movie!

Hollywood Filmmakers to Start Using Cryptocurrency in 2021|KevinSmith will sell the movie!

HOT NEWS!! DO NOT MISS !!! Hollywood Filmmaker Goes ALL IN on Cryptocurrency in 2021 | Kevin Smith to Sell Next Movie as NFT!

Hollywood Filmmaker Goes ALL IN on Cryptocurrency in 2021 | Kevin Smith to Sell Next Movie as NFT!

TimeStamps: 00:00 Intro 01:17 Why Kevin Smith is passionate about NFTs! 22:26 Think about the NFT space in 2 years?! 23:23 What Happens when Kevin’s “Killroy” NFT is resold? 28:34 Kevin Smith will help the NFT buyer with distribution? 32:01 Has Kevin bought any NFTs from notable creators? 33:08 Why did Kevin choose Phantasma Crypto to launch his NFTs? 36:05 How do vegans (Kevin) get enough protein?? 39:33 Cryptocurrency uses TOO MUCH energy?? 41:22 What advice would Kevin give Quentin Tarantino to launch NFTs? 44:23 How Kevin Smith is approaching “Clerks 3” [Filemaker Question] 51:22 Are NFTs the new Film Festivals? 55:51 How big of a theme is cryptocurrency in “Clerks 3”? 59:32 Would Kevin pay his actors in Bitcoin? 1:01:02 Will Kevin convert his next film’s revenue into crypto? 1:02:02 Movie tickets as NFTs CHANGE EVERYTHING! 1:06:55 Best Advice for Filmmakers at Festivals in 2021? 1:17:05 What altcoins does Kevin Smith hodl?? 1:19:22 Final Thoughts

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