Essential Skills for Data Analysis

Essential Skills for Data Analysis

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Many business people have realized the significance of a data-driven approach in their business to collect relevant information. As a result, the need for talented individuals in the field is high. According to research, about 70% of U.S companies search for professionals with data analysis skills. The trend is set to grow in the coming years. If you look forward to becoming the best data analyst, then you are on the right track. However, there are some essential skills you must have to penetrate the market with ease. The skills by 123Homework include: Microsoft Excel Although most people only think of the spreadsheet whenever they hear Excel, there is much more they don’t know. There are many tools in Excel that help in data analysis. For example, VBA and Macros techniques help with quick analytics. Excel has helped several businesses accomplish many achievements. This implies that having adequate skills in excel a must, especially in data analytics. Note: You will need to learn another programming language to build up your analytic career because Excel has limited datasets. Critical Thinking As a data analyst, you need to use data to get solutions to the questions. That means that you must think when figuring what to ask. Data analysts are responsible for the unveiling and synthesizing different ideas that aren’t clear enough. Although you get taught in class, you need to acquire skills like critical thinking using other techniques. For instance, you can decide to think of a solution on your own instead of using already available resources. Again, embrace the idea of asking yourself questions and finding solutions to the same. This way, you will sharpen your critical thinking skills. SQL The (SQL)- Structured Query Language is a typical language for databases, and all analysts must understand it effectively. SQL is an upgraded version of Excel, which means that it can handle a large volume of data, which Excel cannot. Many big brands prefer candidates who have adequate SQL knowledge to store, manage, and control other tasks related to data. If you check for vacancies, you will realize there are many openings for individuals with SQL knowledge. If you dream of being the best data analyst, start by learning SQL first. Presentation Skills Presentation skills and data visualizations are the types of skills that work together. Presentation skills don’t occur naturally. It may appear as a simple task, but the truth of the matter is that it isn’t that smooth. You have to dedicate your time to practice, and as time goes by, you will realize you are becoming better. According to Forbes, you need to set your objectives on how to improve in the presentation. Again, learn to concentrate on your audience instead of focusing on what you like as a person. R or Python–Statistical Programming As mentioned before, Excel is among the skills required for data analysts. But then, there are some large volumes of data that Excel cannot handle appropriately. In such cases, you need to understand R or Python programming languages. They can handle large volumes of data more than Excel. Ensure you learn Python as you transit in the field of data analysis. Conclusion Every profession has some essential skills and knowledge every candidate must have. In the case of data analysis, there are several skills you must have to become an expert. At times, some companies usually specify certain skills when advertising job vacancies. Ake chances and learn the above skills to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity.

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