Introduction to GraphQL

Introduction to GraphQL

GraphQL is Facebook’s new query language for fetching application data in a uniform way. If you’re a Javascript developer, chances are that you’ve heard of GraphQL, but you’re not quite sure what exactly it’s good for, and whether it’s more than just a hype.

Learn GraphQL by [Arunoda Susiripala] is an excellent 10-part tutorial that teaches you the basics of GraphQL. It requires you to log in with your github account to get all the content, but it’s definitely worth it, because it’s hands down the best way to learn GraphQL at the moment.

It’s worth noting that parts 1 to 6 are are about writing GraphQL queries, which are defined by the GraphQL spec, but parts 7 through 10 are about express-graphql, an implementation of a GraphQL server in Javascript. That means that schemas for other GraphQL servers have to be written in a different way!

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Introduction to GraphQL

TL;DR. GraphQL is a modern query language and a runtime for APIs, widely seen as a successor to REST APIs.

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Introduction To GraphQL

Brandon comes on to give us an introduction to GraphQL. He talks to us about its origin, its benefits, and he even walks us through the GitHub GraphQL API. What is GraphQL? How does GraphQL compare to OData? Exporing the GitHub GraphQL APIs with GraphiQL