Auralia vs. Angular: Which is Better

Auralia vs. Angular: Which is Better

Aurelia and Angular are popular JavaScript frameworks that are being used for web application development. I will discuss what Aurelia is and what makes Aurelia special, and I will compare Aurelia and Angular.

Aurelia and Angular are popular JavaScript frameworks that are being used for web application development. Among many JavaScript (JS) frameworks currently available, Aurelia is a comparatively new JS front-end development framework. Via their modern features such as HTML, routing, and the composition of single-page applications (SPA) and user interfaces (UI), both these frameworks provide feasibility in the development of complex web applications. In this article, I will discuss what Aurelia is and what makes Aurelia special, and I will compare Aurelia and Angular.

As you all know and have heard a lot about Angular, let’s just check out Aurelia a bit.

What Is Aurelia?

Aurelia is free open source and still in its initial version, which was originally released in 2015 by Rob Eisenberg and his team under the MIT license. Aurelia has been broken down into a series of feature-oriented modules instead of being a rigid framework. It offers a full range of features and tools to construct any front-end experience via its enriched component model, dynamic UI design, routing, and an extensive set of plugins.

What Makes Aurelia Special?

Convention over configuration

Convention over configuration is a paradigm for software design used by software frameworks that aims to lessen the number of decisions that a programmer has to make without inherently sacrificing flexibility. When writing configuration files, the developer will find Aurelia’s behavior is closely related; the developer only has to define settings when the desirable behavior deviates from the convention.

Easy to learn

The standards-based, unobtrusive style of Aurelia makes it the only framework that encourages you to use vanilla JavaScript or TypeScript to create components. If you have basic knowledge in modern JS and HTML, even to create complex applications you have little more to learn.

Simple testing

Aurelia makes unit testing as easy as testing vanilla JS by mixing modern JS modules with an unobtrusive approach. It is quick and convenient to write integration tests with a good dependency injection container and testing library. You will profit from applications that are highly maintainable and longer-lived.

Reactive binding

Aurelia allows any object to have powerful reactive binding by selecting the most effective way to monitor each property in the model. It does this by using adaptive techniques and seamlessly synchronizing your UI and state with best-in-class efficiency.


Aurelia provides extensibility by allowing the developer to create custom elements, add custom attributes to existing elements, control the creation of the templates, customize the syntax of templates, and create new types of reactive binding.

Aurelia vs. Angular Comparison

This part contains the essence of this article. Let’s see which is better, Aurelia or Angular.

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