Using Serverless and SAM to deploy a Scheduled Lambda with Packages

Using Serverless and SAM to deploy a Scheduled Lambda with Packages

Using Serverless and SAM to deploy a Scheduled Lambda with Packages. Building and deploying a scheduled AWS Lambda with external platform-dependent packages using AWS SAM and Serverless

Lambda Build and Deployment

There are several ways you can deploy a Lambda function, and the most common way is to simply write your code within the IDE, test, save, then deploy. You may also require it to run at a certain time, again, more point and clicks for Cloudwatch Events. This does not abide by best practiceease of management such as undoing changes, version control, and code reusability.

Infrastructure as code

Nevertheless, managing and provisioning cloud resources have become a lot easier these days due to the availability of many open-source tools that allows you to define and configure your resources by using a human-readable configuration file such as YAML. Amongst these, AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) and Serverless, are some of the best frameworks to use to Deploy your Lambda as a dependency, and as an IaC.

Problem Statement: Suspending notebooks resources

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Design view of a Cron-scheduled Lambda

Working with many Data Scientists and one of the issues that we often face are notebooks running when they aren’t in use after hours. In this article, I will demonstrate how to use SAM and Serverless to deploy a cron-scheduled Lambda with external dependencies, to suspend SageMaker Notebooks.

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