6 Ways to Do Automated UI Testing in Parallel With Selenium

6 Ways to Do Automated UI Testing in Parallel With Selenium

6 Ways to Do Automated UI Testing in Parallel With Selenium. Selenium protocol implementations applied to VMs, Docker, Kubernetes, and the cloud

I created my first Selenium Grid about five years ago. The whole setup (see picture above) consists of only two MacBook Pros. The first laptop served as the grid hub as well as the node, and the second laptop as the second grid node. Both nodes were set up to launch and interact with Chrome, Firefox, Android emulators, and iOS simulators for UI testing by installing the software and their dependencies directly onto the operating system. Simple as it sounds, it was, in fact, complicated to set up and worse still to maintain.

In this article, we will explore Selenium Grid and Selenoid/Moon for UI parallel testing on web and mobile apps, their integration with the CI/CD pipeline, the manners that the resources can be arranged to be effective while scalable, the pain points that have been addressed, and those that are still outstanding. UI testing is not limited to just implementations based on the Selenium protocol; there are exciting emerging technologies, like Playwright. However, this is a fairly broad topic and Selenium is still the most widely used UI automation framework, having been around since 2004. This article will be the first in the series dedicated to parallel UI testing. I will be writing about how to implement some of these solutions in the next articles, so stay tuned.

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