Generalist or Specialist? Which One Should You Strive To Be as a Web Developer?

Generalist or Specialist? Which One Should You Strive To Be as a Web Developer?

In this tutorial, we will discuss which is the the generalist or specialist that you should strive to be as a web developer.

What Should You Learn?

Should you learn backend development? Should you learn frontend development? Are you more of a full-stack kind of person? In this article, I will dive deeper into this question, because it is one of the most frequent questions that most developers ask.

Should you be striving to be a generalist or a specialist?

I, honestly, understand why people get hung up on this. See, tech is always changing, and there are different technologies to do the same thing. Back then, web technology was straightforward. Responsiveness was not even a thing; people used to charge extra for it. If you advertised yourself as a web developer, people would understand what you do. These days, you have to specify. Anyway, this is the reason I am writing this piece.

To drive my point home, I will give a brief background of my journey. I got into programming my first year of university. I learned the basics of C and moved on to C++ because I liked the fact that it was C on steroids. From there, I made a few programs, then decided to get into the web space because I wanted to make an impact fast — whatever that meant.


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