DevOps Metrics : 15 KPIs that Boost Results & RoI

DevOps Metrics : 15 KPIs that Boost Results & RoI

How do you prove DevOps practices yield results? We analyse 15 DevOps Metrics & KPIs which stand out in the successful implementation of DevOps Journey. 

DevOps has become the go-to standard for software development

This is simply because of its potential in facilitating the development of high-quality software at faster rates, ensuring that customer requirements are met steadfast.

DevOps principles have also been pivotal in seamlessly fusing the functions of development and operations teams as a singular entity rather than two diverse silos.

To leverage the many advantages that it can bring to the software development process, it is important to treat DevOps as a journey and not a destination unto itself. This essentially means gathering feedback, creating benchmarks, and continually measuring results to track progress.

That’s where tracking metrics come into play. We dive into the what, why, and how of tracking metrics for the success of DevOps journey:

Benefits of Measuring DevOps

So, you have successfully transitioned to DevOps and deployed it for your software development process.

But how do you ascertain whether it is yielding the desired results?

How do you track the bottlenecks and identify the roadblocks hampering delivery speed?

How do you track customer satisfaction and identify the reasons for a subpar experience?

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