Erwin  Boyer

Erwin Boyer


Chatbot Strategy with QnA Maker

Learn as you go without egg on your face

Implementing chatbots incrementally can not only save you the troubles associated with chatbots but can also service a valuable purpose to your organization along the way. One incredibly easy way to begin this journey is with Microsoft QnA Maker. (This article is not sponsored by Microsoft, nor have they had any editorial influence.)

It’s no secret chatbots are serving uses across industries, especially in customer service. They “talk” to customers, which is a decent self-service use case for chatbots, but it’s also a cautionary tale of “too much too soon.” There are a number of examples where chatbots have failed in their mission.

I’m proposing a path to more easily learn what others have learned the hard way without the risks, while accomplishing an important goal within your organization; effectively sharing institutional knowledge.

Sounds too good to be true.

Fair enough, but it’s not. QnA Maker is less chatbot and more knowledge base, but make no mistake, that knowledge base is exposed as a chatbot. Think about what that can mean. Imagine a SharePoint search that actually works and imagine testing it all out inside your own company before going to the public too soon.

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Chatbot Strategy with QnA Maker