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Working with Amazon SNS with Boto3

Amazon Simple Notification Service, or SNS, allows us to automatically send messages, such as emails or SMS. We can also send messages via an HTTP Post to a specified URL, which is a convenient way of decoupling microservices. When working with Python, one can easily interact with SNS with the Boto3 package. In this post, I will put together a cheat sheet of Python commands that I use a lot when working with SNS. I hope you will find it useful.

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Let’s kick off with some basic SNS concepts. You can think of the SNS system as a group chat. Once you publish a message to the chat, all participants will receive a pop-up. In the SNS setting, the group chat will be called a topic. You can **publish **messages to topics and once this happens, all topic **subscribers **will be notified.

AWS resources can be uniquely identified by Amazon Resource Names (ARNs). Each topic has its unique **TopicArn **and each subscription to a topic has its unique SubscriptionArn.

Setting up a client

To access any AWS service with Boto3, we have to connect to it with a client. Here, we create an SNS client. We specify the region in which our messages will be kept. We also have to pass the access key and the password, which we can generate in the AWS console, as described here.

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Working with Amazon SNS with Boto3

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Amazon Pay Clone, Amazon Pay Clone Script, Recharge & Wallet App Solution

Mobile wallet applications have become the new trend in today’s world. Apps like Amazon Pay, Paytm, PayPal are some of the leading apps that are owned and used by millions. Be it paying bills, recharging, or money transactions, everything has turned easier because of these apps. There were days when people used to travel for hours to do these tasks have been totally transformed. Moreover, consumers can use these e-wallet apps while paying in a store, either for shopping or while eating out. Thus, as far as mobile wallets are concerned, they are a convenient way for handling all the tasks involving finance.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, if you wish to succeed in your business, without second thoughts, go for Amazon Pay clone app development. Let’s narrow down your thinking processes for a quicker stride forward by analyzing the types of apps first.

Types of e-wallet apps you could develop:

Retail application: An app like Amazon is considered the retail app because it has a mobile wallet in it. It has all the basic functionalities, which helps users to redeem coupons and reward points. All the payment modes are accessible through the app, including net banking.

Dedicated app: The app allows P2P money transactions by storing a variety of cards. You could also make international money transfers using this app. Example: PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.

PoS payments: The PoS payment wallet apps are found at the stores. It is exclusively used by the users to make contactless payments without having to stand in a long queue.

Wrapping up,
Choose the best type of e-wallet app you want to develop and join forces with our Appdupe. Grab the cutting-edge Amazon Pay Clone script and launch an app in a week!

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Empower your e-commerce business by building an app like Amazon

We at Appdupe incorporate the app with the latest techniques to meet the customer market trend. The app is enriched with the highly-advanced and innovative features that help you deliver the best Amazon clone script that helps turn your e-commerce business ideas into reality. We offer a top-notch Amazon clone app development and a ready-made clone application perfect for any business sector. Every feature in it is set to expand your business, which can also be altered with your brand name. By developing an app like Amazon, you can easily reach your customer anytime anywhere that eventually helps increase the business revenue.

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Activate Amazon Prime || Amazon Activate MyTv || mytv

Amazon Activate MyTv:- Amazon Prime provides a variety of benefits for its customers. Amazon Prime videos is one of many outstanding features. You can browse through thousands of movies and find the best shows with the help of this feature. However, you may not feel comfortable watching a movie on your phone. Amazon was aware of this discomfort. Amazon designed its prime video service so that smart TVs can be used seamlessly. The sad truth is, many prime subscribers don’t know this. They might ask: How can I sign in to Amazon Prime on my TV?" You are likely reading this post because you don’t know how to activate Amazon Prime on your Android and Apple TV. This post is for those who are in this situation. Let me assure you, is straightforward. But, first, let me answer some important questions to help you get the full picture.

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Here’s What It’s Like to Work in an Amazon Warehouse Right Now

My experience as an Amazon warehouse worker was, at best, completely mediocre. I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it. Sometimes I liked it. Sometimes I didn’t like it. I’ve had worse jobs — at Walmart, I was paid a lot less for a more difficult job as a booster team stocker. At Walmart, it was always a puzzle to find out where an item went on the shelves. At Amazon, a computer tells you where something goes. There’s no guessing. Most of the time, however, it was both boring and extremely isolating, since it’s just you at your station 90% of the time.

I was hired at Amazon very quickly and conveniently. I am a teacher, and when I didn’t get hired to work at summer school I was bummed — and I knew that I had to find some work, and very quickly.

At Amazon, my job was as a picker. There are also stowers, packers, tote runners, counters, people who organize totes at downstack (where totes are prepared for the station), people who repair malfunctioning Kiva robots, and people who take items off the floor. There are janitors, security guards, and social distance enforcers. The managers I’ve worked with had all treated me very kindly, save the couple of times I was caught using my phone while picking, but that was polite reprimanding that I deserved.

I don’t know if this is the kind of job I could have handled for the long term. I’m lucky I only worked there this summer, and my more experienced co-workers showed me the ropes whenever I was having trouble. I had to switch out my shoes after about two days of work — my feet were killing me. I was more tired and was not able to keep up running as much as I’m used to.

There is no one universal experience in the warehouse. It’s kind of like the military — there are a lot of different responsibilities you can have. The facility is absolutely huge and easy to get lost in. There are two metrics that Amazon uses to evaluate a warehouse picker: units per hour and takt time (the amount of time it takes you to process one item). Luckily, I had learning ambassadors, experienced employees who teach you the job, who taught me how to pick fast. But the only time I really interacted with managers was if my rate was too slow and they needed to tell me to speed up. The goal was to pick 350 units per hour and have a takt time of seven seconds.

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Breeze In To The Ecommerce Market With Amazon Clone

In this digital era, you can see many online shopping platforms that provide an interface of electronics, fashion, toys, groceries, and much more. All the platforms that you see now are soaring high because of the ease they offer users while shopping. Gone are the days where people had to travel to one place and shop products from one store to another until they got satisfied with the product and the price. Now, online shopping or ecommerce marketplaces are resembling an all-in-all solution.

From having a unique and user-friendly platform that lets them shop easily to providing a reliable product delivery service, they attract users to shop more and entrepreneurs to earn more. Now looking at the enhancements that these platforms are bringing around the globe, our Appdupe has also come up with an Amazon clone script.

What is an Amazon Clone script?
As an app development company that has been drenched with the ins and outs of it, we know how strenuous app development can be if started from scratch. That is why we offer the entrepreneurs an alternative app like Amazon. The script is readily integrable, customizable, where the entrepreneurs won’t have to go through the process of coding, and neither do they have to rent a developers team. All the features, functionalities can be integrated, and the app can be launched in just a few days.

It is human nature to doubt the quality of any service or product if it is ready-made. But here, you won’t have to fret over the quality, as our team is experienced in ecommerce app development and has always offered the best apps to people, turning them into successful entrepreneurs.

Blue-chip features of the Amazon Clone script
Here, we are providing you with a peek into the features that come along with the solution. Let’s see them.

UI/UX design: The app solution comes with a charming user design interface that gives an interface of online shopping.The design is so effective that the user can see an actual product view to purchase the product.

Product catalog: With our solution’s immersive product catalog feature, the user can find the product details easily.

Simple login/signup: Our solution is concerned with keeping the shopping experience smooth. So it offers an easy login and signup process that lets the user start shopping immediately.

Advanced search and filter: Using this feature, users can easily find the product in the app’s search panel and filter the product through different choices like low to high, high to low, popularity, relevance, etc.

Inventory management: Users can keep track of their records like data, transactions and effortlessly manage their accounts. They can also cancel and track the orders with the inventory process help.

Multiple payment gateways: Users can pay for the products delivered effortlessly, as the script can be integrated with various payment gateways, where they can pay using credit, debit, UPI, cash on the delivery, and net-banking.

Notifications: To keep the engagement alive and help you to retain the users, the app contains this feature to send information like order status, OTP-based SMS, and push notifications for discounts or special offers.

According to Statista, the ecommerce sector is expected to hit a revenue of $4.5 trillion by 2021. So, why not join in the development process as soon as you can? Moreover, people nowadays prefer the ecommerce to conventional shopping because of reasons like:

  • A wide variety of choices
  • Convenience
  • No travel and hour-long queues
  • Easy to return service
  • Secure service
  • Better products and best deals

Make the merry way into the ecommerce market with an Amazon clone, as there are numerous chances now for you to reach a zenith.

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