How to Build Real-time Chat App with Express, ReactJS, and Socket.IO?

How to Build Real-time Chat App with Express, ReactJS, and Socket.IO?

Explore and learn more about developing a real-time chat application using Express, ReactJS, and Socket.IO from scratch to end.

Real-time chat applications are getting more and more attention from the users as it provides liveliness, and the end-user feels the customer support from the application. Therefore we have been experimenting with building such applications with Express, ReactJS, and Socket.IO.

We thought, why not provide a direction to our readers from the valuable research work and save them some time.

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Socket.IO is a library that works as a bridge to communicate through real-time, bidirectional events with the browser and the server.

To build a real-time chat app, you need to follow the below procedure to continue,

First, start with the basics, set up the express server and, and then create a file to implement our logic.

For the front end part, we will be following create-react-app for it. If you don't have installed create-react-app already in your system, you will need to apply one command additionally.

You will establish the client-server connection later in the next step.

These were merely the basic steps only of the beginning process. However, to Create Real time Chat App using Full-stack Developer, you will need in-depth details, including commands and the setup codes. To obtain code-rich snippets and a thorough explanation, do not hesitate to click above the link as it includes step-by-step CSS files for adding the designing elements, which you wouldn't want to ignore!

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