A Guide to Hypothesis Testing

A Guide to Hypothesis Testing

This blog will cover where to use the following tests, their mathematical expressions as well as implementation in Python. Hypothesis testing is a way of deriving insights from the plethora of data available to us.

Imagine a court case where a lawyer needs to prove his client is innocent. This is what we call the null hypothesis, an assumption made right at the beginning. Now we work from there. In the next step, the lawyer will collect data such as his whereabouts at the time of the crime, alibi, and more, and use it as evidence to prove his client’s innocence. Say the defendant is proven to be guilty, then our null hypothesis was rejected. In case he was proven to be innocent, our null hypothesis would be accepted. Another important term is the alternate hypothesis which is essentially the opposite of our null hypothesis. In the example we took, the alternate hypothesis was seen to be true.

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