Future of betting and Crypto

Future of betting and Crypto

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Betting On Sports With Cryptocurrency The advent of Bitcoin and all other forms of cryptocurrency, known collectively as altcoins, have changed the way the world’s monetary systems are working. Digital currency has gained a foothold across the planet and isn’t about to go away. There are several businesses that now willingly accept and embrace the blockchain as a method of payment for goods and services. Bitcoin was the first form of cryptocurrency to be widely accepted, but since then several others have gone mainstream, including ethereum, litecoin and as many as 30 other varieties of altcoins. Currency, virtually all US gambling sites accept Bitcoins. A majority of online betting sites accept some other type of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin or Ripple. One of the industries that has welcomed cryptocurrency with a warm embrace is the realm of online sports betting. There are any number of these betting sites that not only welcome players to utilize their preferred form of cryptocurrency, they actually encourage it. Licenses Owned. Bonus Offerings One method through which these betting sites are encouraging players to want to deposit to their accounts via the blockchain is by offering additional bonus funds for players who opt to top up their accounts via cryptocurrency. For example, Bovada, which pulls the largest market share in the online sports betting world, offers a significant increase in its signing bonus for players who decide to go with cryptocurrency. The standard signup bonus with Bovada is a 100 percent matching bonus worth a maximum amount of $250. However, make that same first deposit through the blockchain and you’ll enjoy a 75 percent uptick on that signup bonus. Now it maxes out at $750. BetUS, which services over 300,000 clients, is also big on the blockchain. The standard signup bonus at BetUS is a 125 percent matching first deposit up to a maximum amount of $2500. Should you opt to make that first deposit with some form of cryptocurrency, that bonus doubles to $5,000. At BetDSI, they triple the pleasure for their crypto clients. They offer a standard signup bonus of a 200 percent matching first deposit bonus worth up to $500. Use Bitcoin or altcoins to make that deposit and they triple the total of the bonus offer to $1500. At MyBookie, you can redeem their special cryptocurrency 100 percent matching bonus up to five times. GT Bets offers a five percent bonus on every cryptocurrency deposit that players make to their accounts. BetOnline also offers a 35 percent reload bonus on cryptocurrency deposits. Licenses Owned. Advantages Of Using Cryptocurrency At Betting Sites The benefits that players will generate from topping up their account at a betting site by utilizing the blockchain as opposed to traditional fiat currencies are exponential. For starters, players never need to worry about funds potentially being lost or frozen by some form of government seizure. There’s also no need for any form of currency exchange to be involved with a crypto transaction. Unlike what are considered mainstream methods of transferring money to an iGaming account such as credit or debit cards, eWallets, online bank transfers, bank wires and money transfers, there are generally little to no fees involved with a cryptocurrency transfer. Another advantage with cryptocurrency transfers is that they are fast, simple and convenient. Transfers can be made via smartphone or tablet. Crypto transfers move from Point A to Point B almost instantly. There’s virtually no delay in the money showing up in the player’s account. In dealing with any online entity, safety and security are always Priority One. Again, this is where the blockchain steps to the fore. The enhanced security of the blockchain, which is merely a series of numbers that can’t be traced back to their origination place, in the realm of digital money ensures that there is 100 percent trust in the transaction between the betting site and the player making the deposit or withdrawal. As well, the crypto transaction is completely anonymous. There’s no paper trail as there would be in the case of the so-called traditional forms of moving money. Many of the high rollers in the betting game prefer to fly below the radar. By using crypto, they add another level to their cloaking device.

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