What Is Strapi and Why You Should Use It

What Is Strapi and Why You Should Use It

Strapi is a headless CMS use to connect the front-end with the Strapi back-end. What is Strapi and Why you should use it. You can easily learn about Strapi and must get work done within minutes. So you can Strapi use for that.

Strapi is a headless CMS use to connect the front-end with the Strapi back-end.

In the previous year, when I was new to blogging. I wanted to create a Blog for my content. So I spent several days on the Internet researching the best way to start a blog.

I have come across WordPress, MERN Stack, Gatsby, Strapi, Ghost, React, Wix, Hashnode, Medium, Vocal, Newsbreak, Quora, and this list goes on.

Yes, I know it is a little bit more for Blogging, but I have done it.

Out of which the best way is from WordPress.org since it is quick and free. From here, I have learned about Strapi.

Why Use Strapi?

Suppose you want to start a blog from React.js and you don’t know the Back-end stuff like Node, Express, Ruby on Rails. So you can use Strapi for that.

But why I have to use Back-end? To manage your content on your blog. You have heard about CMS(Content Management System).

Let consider you want to write contents and add it to draft or publish it. For that, we require Back-end. And here is Strapi come into existence.

Let us explain with one more example: You are a freelancer and a client wanted to create a business website. You agree about it but the client wanted to manage content weekly. So you can use Strapi to manage content.

Strapi helps you to make your Back-end within minutes and you just have to care about Front-end.

Strapi can be used in various other projects as well.

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