Why Breaking Away From Your Favorite Framework Is a Good Thing

Why Breaking Away From Your Favorite Framework Is a Good Thing

Why Breaking Away From Your Favorite Framework Is a Good Thing. Frameworks like React, Vue, Laravel, and Symfony are super popular. How to break away and improve your skills.

Growing up as a developer and becoming more senior, I saw more and more the same struggles I worked with in the past years. Learning new tech based on a framework can be a satisfying thing. Within days you make the coolest solutions in little time. But in order to improve, I needed to force myself to dive deep and learn the inner workings before I was able to progress to a higher level.

Nowadays, frameworks are even more dominant than when I started. In the teams I work with, I see more and more specialized developers working years and years within a very specific framework and application. While these people are super-specialized and have great value, I also see the risk of getting stuck on the same level for years.

I myself was challenged by well-skilled developers that not only knew just their framework or even one language but also had a broad knowledge of concepts from a vast majority of languages and systems. This made me more curious than ever to know every inner working of the system and its language. It made me a 10x better developer, working faster and making better suggestions on the architecture moving forward, and it made me learn new tech more easily.

In this article, I give a rundown on how I improved my learning.

How I Improved My Learning

I don’t think it’s necessarily bad to start out with a framework when diving into coding in general, but it's good practice to look further and deeper if you do not exactly know what is going on.

Starting out with a framework can work for a whole lot of reasons. For starters, within no time you are able to develop your first solutions, documentation is often more friendly, and communities are buzzing with people eager to help.

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