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Build a Killer Developer Resume With HTML and CSS

Though a resume alone can’t get you your desired job, having a good resume can make a significant difference. Your resume is your first impression. So if you spend some time perfecting your resume, the effort will be well worth it.

A simple black and white format is still the most professional way to write a good resume. But having a nice-looking online version of it can add a nice touch to your portfolio. You can add it to your personal website and share it with potential recruiters.

Especially if you are applying for a front-end developer role, this way you can show off your HTML and CSS knowledge.

So recently I made a resume template that I plan to use myself. In this article, I am sharing this template with you. You can build your own resume from it. You can personalize the resume by making even some small changes.

Structuring the HTML

As you can see in the image, the resume is divided into two sections. A sidebar for the profile image, contact info, skills, and references. The other section contains about me, experience, education, and awards. So the HTML has two sections. We will create two sections inside a main tag. So here is the structure for the markup —

Styling With CSS

The two main sections are divided into two grid layouts in the CSS. For the desktop view, the resume takes 80% of the screen. The resume is divided into seven grids. The sidebar takes two grids and the main section takes five grids.

Where You Can Find the Code

I didn’t share the code here because the code is relatively large. The HTML and the CSS both contain more than 200 lines of code. So reading the code directly from here can be a daunting experience for you. So I decided to share the code through GitHub.

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Build a Killer Developer Resume With HTML and CSS