Writing Substack: How to Make Money Writing Substack

Writing Substack: How to Make Money Writing Substack

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An article that describes the whole process of starting to write on Substack and how you could make money writing on Substack.

How to Make Money Writing Substack / Source: https://polskie-kasyno-online.pl/gry-owoce/ Have you ever doubted that there would be a platform that combines email marketing with writing? If so, Substack is the answer. Substack helps authors by giving them a platform where they can share their knowledge and then let readers subscribe to an email so that the next time that same author publishes a new article, Substack will automatically send an email to subscribers.

Like WordPress, Medium and Ghost, Substack is another content management platform (CMS) where you can write content and publish it. That's what makes Substack a good platform. Substack has its pros and cons, but there are many writers who are actually making good money writing on Substack. How could you make money on Substack? we will discuss that too in this article.

Every company on Medium uses a different monetization model, one example is blogging, which can be monetized by showing PPC ad networks, affiliate marketing or selling your own content. Medium uses a subscription-based revenue model in which you are paid to get more reads from people who have actually signed up for a Medium membership. The Substack business model is that if you have paid newsletter members, they will charge you. And there's no single way to make money from your Substack blog, I'll share additional ways you could make more money from your free Substack newsletters.

How does Substack work? When you create an account on Subsatck, the next thing you need to do is start writing. But, if I can easily find something online, then why should I visit your Substack blog to write great and compelling articles about Substack for that reason, so that the reader might actually want to learn more about that particular topic and subscribe to your Substack Newsletter.

When you post to Substack, Substack sends the entire message to the email subscriber as an email. This means that you can now read your favorite author's article in your inbox. Any links mentioned in the Substack blog post will be directed to the site, and you may have to open the next tab.

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