5 Skills a Business Strategist Must Acquire to Succeed

5 Skills a Business Strategist Must Acquire to Succeed

Business strategists play a crucial role in defining the growth rate of a business entity, across industries. Find the top 5 skills needed in the said role.

Business and life are very much alike in nature. They both seek full commitment from us when there exists an urge to succeed. Committing fully to the present while planning for the distant future is what is needed in both the cases, whether you want to live a blissful life, or to run a business successfully. The basic strategy outline remains the same, no matter what kind or nature of business you run. As a strategy professional, you should embrace the present while defining the business objectives, exploring the alternative situations and scenarios, and eventually deciding the path to walk onto. All of this is a part of strategic thinking.

Booming Employment Opportunities & Fat Paycheques

For aspirants, it’s a great time to enter the said field of profession as the employment trends have reflected positive vibes off late. As per a study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between the years 2018 and 2028, the employment rate for business strategists in the US will grow at an impressive 8%. The number of job opportunities for business strategists to emerge in the same period will amount to a whopping 21,800. Moreover, Payscale says that the average annual salary for business strategy professionals in the US is USD 115,743, which is pretty handsome.

A Harvard Business Review study in which 10,000 senior executives were asked about the most vital leadership skill, it was found that 97% of them agreed on ‘business strategy’ as the top skill to achieve business growth. For aspiring strategists, industry-relevant business certifications can serve as a great aid to break into the related industry.


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