How to Create WAR File in IntelliJ IDEA

How to create WAR file for a Java web project in IntelliJ IDEA. In Java, WAR stands for Web ARchive or Web Application Resources - used to package a Java web application into a deployable format (ZIP) on a Servlet container like Apache Tomcat.

In this video, you also learn how to change the default file name of the generated WAR file, how to create the WAR file in each project build. And I also show you how to deploy the WAR file onto Apache Tomcat server.

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How to Create WAR File in IntelliJ IDEA
Noah  Sykes

Noah Sykes


IntelliJ IDEA for Beginners - Learn IntelliJ IDEA from Scratch

Complete IntelliJ IDEA Course for Beginners

IntelliJ IDEA for Beginners - Learn IntelliJ IDEA from Scratch

How to become an expert IntelliJ IDEA Developer

This course takes is specifically designed for developers that either don’t have any previous experience using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tool or experienced IDE developers new to Intellij IDEA (e.g. experienced Eclipse developers).

With that said, even if you’re an experienced Intellij IDEA developer you might still get something out of the course. This is specially true since this course is (almost exclusively) based on version 2019 which introduced features that you may not yet me familiar with. So please still check it out!

Also, no particular programming language knowledge is assumed since Intellij IDEA is pretty much language agnostic and supports many different programming languages.

Sections I, II and III are mandatory and must be taken in order.

Section IV is specifically designed for experienced Eclipse developers interested in a quick migration path to IntelliJ

The rest of the sections (V, VI, VII and VIII) can be taken in any order as they’re self contained. I highly recommend that you still taken them all, particularly if you don’t have any previous Intellij IDEA experience.

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Harry Patel

Harry Patel


A Complete Process to Create an App in 2021

It’s 2021, everything is getting replaced by a technologically emerged ecosystem, and mobile apps are one of the best examples to convey this message.

Though bypassing times, the development structure of mobile app has also been changed, but if you still follow the same process to create a mobile app for your business, then you are losing a ton of opportunities by not giving top-notch mobile experience to your users, which your competitors are doing.

You are about to lose potential existing customers you have, so what’s the ideal solution to build a successful mobile app in 2021?

This article will discuss how to build a mobile app in 2021 to help out many small businesses, startups & entrepreneurs by simplifying the mobile app development process for their business.

The first thing is to EVALUATE your mobile app IDEA means how your mobile app will change your target audience’s life and why your mobile app only can be the solution to their problem.

Now you have proposed a solution to a specific audience group, now start to think about the mobile app functionalities, the features would be in it, and simple to understand user interface with impressive UI designs.

From designing to development, everything is covered at this point; now, focus on a prelaunch marketing plan to create hype for your mobile app’s targeted audience, which will help you score initial downloads.

Boom, you are about to cross a particular download to generate a specific revenue through your mobile app.

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Johnson Duke

Johnson Duke


Creating a New Project in IntelliJ IDEA (2020)

In this screencast, we’re going to take a look at a new project wizard. You can use this wizard to create new IntelliJ IDEA projects from scratch.

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Johnson Duke

Johnson Duke


Creating a Simple Jakarta Persistence/JPA Application in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate (2021)

In this video, we’ll create a simple Jakarta Persistence application in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate. Jakarta Persistence is the new name for the Java Persistence APIs, also known as JPA. These APIs allow you to store, access, and manage Java objects in a relational database.

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Alex Riley


Best Web App Ideas To Make Money In 2021 - Application Startup Guide

Some Popular Web App Ideas for 2021

Are you looking for best web application business ideas that make money in 2021?

There are lots of simple web app ideas but all those web application business ideas do not make money.

Read More

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