HTML 6: The Next Syntax of Web

HTML 6: The Next Syntax of Web

HTML6 is conceptually HTML with XML like namespaces. It is the next version of the HTML after HTML 5. HTML will soon be wearing a new set of API's and better syntax to it’s currently awesome pack, the HTML 6 syntax.

A view into what could be our next HTML iteration syntax:HTML 6.

HTML5 has made some great improvements over the previous HTML4 version of the HTML. It brought us new semantic tags like <nav>, <time>, and <article>; allowing us to easily embed media in the form of <video> and <audio> tags; and giving us a bunch of cool JavaScript APIs. However, just like any other technologies,HTML will soon be wearing a new set of API,s and better syntax to it’s currently awesome pack,the HTML 6 syntax.

We will be getting to steps through these discussion points

  1. A list of HTML 6 promising features
  2. Background
  3. Html6 syntax according to Oscar Godson
  4. The html 6 API
  5. Summary

1.Html 6 is promising to come packed with the following:

My interests in this post is not to go through and explain each of these,but rather looking at the supposed syntax.

  • Express Tags
  • Native Modals Support
  • Freedom to Resize Image
  • HTML 6 Dedicated Libraries
  • Annotations for Images and Videos
  • Authentication Enhancement
  • Customized Menus in HTML6
  • HTML6 Integrated Camera
  • Good Microformats
  • Single-Page Apps without JavaScript

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