Artificial Intelligence and ML in Cybersecurity: Is it Worth the Hype?

Artificial Intelligence and ML in Cybersecurity: Is it Worth the Hype?

Artificial Intelligence and ML in Cybersecurity: Is it Worth the Hype? While it is suggested to employ AI and ML to fight Cyberattacks and strengthen cybersecurity, especially during COVID-19, experts warn not to be overhyped.

How AI and ML are helping us to fight cybercrime, and why it can be overhyped?

The world is going digital at a pace faster than the blink of an eye. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been heralded as a means of digital technology that can solve a wide range of problems in different industries and applications. This also includes the realm of cybersecurityCapgemini’s Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence Report, which was published last year, found that 61% of enterprises say they cannot detect breach attempts today without using AI technologies. In a similar survey by Webroot, it was observed that 89% of IT professionals believe their company could be doing more to defend against cyberattacks. And surprisingly, 64% of the respondents admitted that they are not sure what AI/ML means – despite increased adoption on a global scale. Last month, Interpol reported in its Covid-19 cybercrime report that two-thirds of EU member countries had witnessed a massive increase in malicious domains registered with the keywords’ COVID or ‘Corona.’ These sites are aiming to take advantage of the growing number of people searching for information about COVID-19 online. While this means COVID-19 has been instrumental in cybercrimes’ uptick, these malicious activities were wreaking havoc before the outburst of a global pandemic.

As cyberattacks have increased in both volume and complexity, conventional ways of detecting malware and threats are failing. Conventional methods like anti-malware software installations or login audits aren’t sufficient in today’s scenario. This is because most of these methods relied on rules-based or signature-based pattern matching, which means they can only be helpful against known virus signatures or threats. During COVID-19, the attackers exploit the internet in the disguise of providing help and information when they are trying to get access to sensitive personal information and misuse them for ransomware and similar illegal activities. In the business domain, attackers are taking advantage of the uncertainty of industry and stealing information. To counter these problems, AI and ML can certainly help. However, we should keep in mind not to over hype their potential.

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