Building Flutter Apps with GraphQL in the Back-End

Building Flutter Apps with GraphQL in the Back-End

Learn how to build a Flutter Apps with GraphQL in the Back-End. I will be using a Flutter package named graphql_flutter for interacting with our GraphQL server (remote/local). GraphQL is the future of backend web services built with simplicity and flexibility in mind. A lot of tech giants are migrating towards GraphQL for all its advantages.

There have been great advancements in backend architectures and technologies in the last few years and REST API can be considered as the most useful one. REST API architecture is a scalable solution for building backend services and it is highly used in the industry nowadays. REST API allows a lot of features like scalability, security, simplicity, modularity, language independence, and a lot more but flexibility is that one thing which is properly not given by REST API.

There’s another evolving technology for backend development called GraphQL. GraphQL is the future of backend web services built with simplicity and flexibility in mind. GraphQL provides the flexibility to the client for the reading and manipulating the data in an optimized fashion. A lot of tech giants are migrating towards GraphQL for all its advantages.

In a GraphQL backend architecture, there are 3 basic components:

  1. Query — Used for querying/reading data from the database.
  2. Mutation — Used for manipulation of data like Create, Update, Delete.
  3. Subscriptions— Used for real-time data updates.

These 3 works as the basic building blocks of any GraphQL server which performs the CRUD Operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete).

Flutter as a framework is growing a lot and when it comes to integration with different technologies then the community is really awesome to build solutions for that. GraphQL can be implemented in the Flutter apps in an elegant and efficient manner. In this article, we will be building a Todo application using a GraphQL server at the backend.

The GraphQL backend application is present in a GitHub repo which you can clone and run in your local setup.

To make the application up and running, you must have Node and npm installed in your system. After setting up all those, you will have to navigate into the root directory of the application through CMD/Powershell/Terminal and run 2 commands: npm install, npm start.

Note: You can also use any other GraphQL setup/server to continue but according to your setup/project the queries, mutations and subscriptions will vary.

In this article, I will be using a Flutter package named graphql_flutterfor interacting with our GraphQL server (remote/local). This package provides us the utilities and functionalities that are required to connect and interact with the GraphQL server. We will be following a step by step approach here and below are the steps for that.

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