JavaScript Var vs. Let vs. Const – What's the Difference?

A quick explanation of the differences between var, let, and const.

If you have read any JavaScript programming tutorials then chances are you have run into code where variables are defined using a combination of var, let, and const. It can be confusing at first to understand why someone would use one over the other for defining variables, so in this article I am going to breakdown the exact differences between var, let, and const so you know exactly when to use each.

PS: This article is available in video form as well. Check it out if you are visual learner.

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JavaScript Var vs. Let vs. Const – What's the Difference?
Coy  Roberts

Coy Roberts


Javascript let vs var: The Difference and Comparison

Javascript let, and var are both used for variable declaration. Before the ES6, JavaScript had only two types of scope:

  1. Global Scope
  2. Function Scope

Global Scope

Variables that are declared Globally (outside any function) have Global Scope.

var netflixFilm = "enola holms";

// code here can use netflixFilm

function detective() {
  // code here can also use netflixFilm

In this example, the variable is defined outside the function. So it is in the global scope.

You can access global variables anywhere in JavaScript programs.

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JavaScript Var, Let, and Const - 8

To declare a variable in JavaScript either var, let or const is used.
We will distinguish between the three with the following features:

  • Block scope
  • Update and redeclaration
  • Hoisting
  • Undefined

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Jennie  Hane

Jennie Hane


Var vs Let vs Const: JavaScript complete course in 2021 in Hindi #6

Var vs Let vs Const: JavaScript complete course in 2021 in Hindi 🔥🔥🔥 #6
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In this video, We will have a look which keyword to use when creating a variable.

In this series, we will be learning the JavaScript programming language.
This course will be for absolute beginners as well as advanced users.
This is series has multiple parts which are depending on the previous video session.

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Eldora  Bradtke

Eldora Bradtke


JavaScript Variables: var and let and const

There are three ways to create variables in a JavaScript application: using var, using let, or using const. This will not be a post trying to convince you which one you should use, or arguing about what is best. It’s just good to know about the differences and what it means when you use the different options. But hopefully by the end of all this you’ll be comfortable with the three options and can make a decision for your team that will suit your needs. To get the most out of this post, it is best if you understand variable scope, which we covered in this post previously.

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Armando  Bruen

Armando Bruen


What is difference between let, var and const variable?

Which is best place to write a variable for JavaScript?
A lot of features given by ES6(ES2015). And good things are many developers use features for solving real-life problem-solving. But beginner and many developers forget to use and make complex programs or applications. Today we are going to cover the difference between let, var, and const.

Basically variable is based on scope, use, and hoisting. now let’s take deep dive into understand variables.

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