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29 Most Commonly Asked AngularJS Interview Questions Answers [For Beginners & Experienced]

AngularJS is one of the most popular web frameworks in the modern tech scene. Although initially, AngularJS was a Google project, later, it became an open-source framework. AngularJS is a client-side JavaScript Model-View-Controller framework that is primarily used to build and dynamic web applications, particularly single-page applications.

Since AngularJS is wholly based on HTML and JavaScript, it allows you to use HTML as the template language. It not only changes static HTML to dynamic HTML but also helps extend HTML’s abilities by adding built-in attributes. Nit just that, AngularJS also extends HTML’s ability to create custom attributes using JavaScript. What’s best about AngularJS’s is that its data binding and dependency injection features help eliminate the need to write redundant code.

The popularity of AngularJS has become so widespread that the demand for AngularJS skills in the industry is soaring. However, if you wish to land a job that demands AngularJS skills, you must first crack the AngularJS interview. To help you ace the AngularJS interview, we’ve created a comprehensive list of AngularJS interview questions and answers.

Here goes!

Top AngularJS Interview Questions & Answers

1. What is AngularJS? What are the key features of AngularJS?

2. Define Scope in AngularJS.

3. Define Data Binding in AngularJS.

4. Define Angular Expression. What is the difference between Angular expressions and JavaScript expressions?

5. Name the common IDEs used for the development of AngularJS applications.

6. What are Directives in AngularJS?

7. What is the purpose of AngularJS routes?

8. Define String Interpolation in AngularJS.

9. Define AngularJS “Digest Cycle.”

10. What is the difference between One-way Binding and Two-way Binding?

11. Define Linking Function. Name the types of Linking Functions.

12. What is an Injector in AngularJS?

13. Name the different styling forms that ng-model adds to CSS classes.

14. Define Dependency Injection. How can an object or function access its dependencies?

15. Name the components that can be injected as a dependency in AngularJS.

16. What are the steps involved in the compilation process of HTML?

17. What is a Service in AngularJS?

18. Define Directive in AngularJS. Name the different types of Directives.

19. Differentiate between an Annotation and a Decorator in AngularJS.

20. Define Controllers.

21. How are logs maintained in AngularJS?

22. Define $rootscope in AngularJS. How does it differ from Scope?

23. Name some browsers that AngularJS supports.

24. How can you enable HTML5 mode in Angular 1.x?

25. Name the built-in validators in AngularJS.

26. How to make an AJAX call using AngularJS?

27. What is Internalization in AngularJS?

28. Describe the steps of the AngularJS boot process.

29. What purpose do filters serve in AngularJS?

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29 Most Commonly Asked AngularJS Interview Questions Answers [For Beginners & Experienced]