Fully Customizable Animated Radio Button for React Native

Fully Customizable Animated Radio Button for React Native

Fully customizable animated radio button for React Native.

React Native Animated Radio Button

Battle Tested ✅

Fully customizable animated radio button for React Native

React Native Animated Radio Button

Version 2 is here 😍

Finally, version 2 is here with much basic usage and re-written code. It does not support a text but it is easy to add a text depends on the dev Typescript support and much cleaner code


Add the dependency:

npm i react-native-animated-radio-button

Peer Dependencies

####### IMPORTANT! You need install them

"@freakycoder/react-native-bounceable": ">= 0.2.5",



import RadioButton from "react-native-animated-radio-button";

Basic Usage

You can check the example out 😏

  onPress={(isActive: boolean) =>
    console.log("RadioButton isActive: ", isActive)

Customization Usage

    marginTop: 32,
    borderRadius: 16,
    borderWidth: 3,
    borderColor: "#328da8",
  innerContainerStyle={{ height: 35, width: 35, borderRadius: 10 }}
  onPress={(isActive: boolean) => console.log("isActive: ", isActive)}

Configuration - Props

Property Type Default Description
style style default set the main container's style (outer circle)
innerContainerStyle style default set the inner container's style (inner circle)
innerBackgroundColor color red change the inner circle's background color
initial boolean undefined set the initial activation of the radio button
isActive boolean undefined this will disable the built-in state of activation
onPress function default set your own function when onPress is triggered

Future Plans

  • Horizontal & Vertical text component as optional
  • Typescript Challenge!
  • Write an article about the lib on Medium


FreakyCoder, [email protected]

Download Details:

Author: WrathChaos The Demo/Documentation: View The Demo/Documentation Download Link: Download The Source Code Official Website: https://github.com/WrathChaos/react-native-animated-radio-button License: MIT


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