Why Git Is A Great Documentation Management Tool

Why Git Is A Great Documentation Management Tool

Why Git Is A Great Documentation Management Tool. But to take full advantage of the power of Git, we need a text-based document format. We need to find another tool, not MS Word. You need to create a document or a set of document. Git, Markdown. Git is a development tool.

Sometimes not only documentation but also the process of working on it may be critical. For example, in the case of projects, the lion’s share of the work is related to preparing documentation, and the wrong process may lead to errors and even loss of information, and, consequently, loss of time and benefits. But even if this topic is not central to your work, the right process can still improve the quality of the document and save you time.

The approach outlined here has a low entry threshold. Technically, tomorrow you can start working in a new way.

Task definition

You need to create a document or a set of documents. Perhaps this is project documentation or your network logging, or something simpler. For example, you need to describe the processes inside the company or your department. In general, we are talking about any document or set of documents containing text, figures, tables… Let’s complicate the task by the fact that:

  1. This involves joint work, as well as the efforts of a group or several groups of employees
  2. As a result, you want to have a document in a certain format, having corporate style attributes, and created according to a certain template. To be specific, let’s consider it as MS Word (.docx)

10 years ago, the approach would have been quite unambiguous: we would have created an MS Word document or documents and somehow organized editing.

This approach is still valid. It is even used by large integrators when creating project documentation. However, it is intuitively clear that if your work on a document is long-term, intensive, and includes many edits and discussions, this approach is not quite convenient.

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