Things To Keep In Mind While Dressing Up Your Pet

Things To Keep In Mind While Dressing Up Your Pet

Zentek Clothing designs and manufactures quality thermo-regulating (phase change) clothing for both dogs and humans.

You surely love wearing new clothes on outings or even at home, then why should your dog be left behind? A little dress play would not hurt but instead the attention could make him/her feel happier. Dogs wearing clothes is always a lovely sight. 

You have prime knowledge about your dog so it’s for you to decide what’s best for it. If he/she is a patient one, you could go for dressing him/her up occasionally but if they are shy and sensitive, then you should preferably avoid.

The first thing that must be taken care of is the comfort and safety of your pet. For example, a scarf should not be wrapped up too tightly on your pet’s neck or the sweater or jacket should not be uncomfortable. Accessories, if swallowed, can cause choking. 

Other than for fun, your dog needs to be dressed to protect them from the chills in the winter season. This too depends on the breed, size and age of your dog. Some breeds like the Great Dane cannot manage without a covering in the cold because they have short hair over their body. Whereas, Saint Bernard can manage to survive the cold without a coat or sweater. Some dogs have an extra layer of insulating fur so another clothing layer could cause overheating for them which is similar to getting a chill for them.

A few things to consider

It would be suggested for you to not dress your dog if he/she has got a fresh haircut or is ageing or sick. It can cause them irritability. 

Besides coats and sweaters, booties are also a good option for your dog. Especially if you go on regular walks on the icy road. The ice is not only cold but it can also cause harm to your dog. 

Clothes can also curb your pet’s anxiety. It ignites a sense of security in them and they tend to feel safe, comforted and protected. 

Make sure you choose a comfortable fabric for your pet. Wool is good for the cold because it would keep your pet warm but it can also cause itchiness. Cotton would be a good option for normal weather. 

Every dog has different measurements so you must make sure you take measurements for a better fit for your dog. The better the fit, the more comfortable and happy they will be. 

It would be best to shop from a pet store for big and small dog apparel but in case you are shopping online for designer dog clothes, make sure you go through all the reviews posted by the other shoppers and pet owners on the website. 

A tip- Do not forget your pet’s annual wellness visit to the veterinarian to keep him/her in the pink of health.

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