How is E-learning effective in 2021?

How is E-learning effective in 2021?

E-learning is a thriving industry in 2021. Do you want to create an app or a website? Read about E-learning trends and challenges for 2021

Having access to online technologies, students of all ages demonstrate the more effective result of learning. Research shows that E-learning helps 25-60% of students to internalize more material, while traditional classes work the same way for only 8-10% of them. How is that possible? The key reason is that students are able to learn faster via online activities – doing it at their own pace, skipping and re-reading, choosing the best individual way.

Let’s look at the main factors that can make E-learning better in 2021.

  • Time and place. Schoolers, college students, employees, and other learners value E-learning apps and websites for the opportunity to study at the most convenient moment, without restrictions. Companies can save up to 40-60% of time on employee training due to its flexibility.
  • Individualized software. More and more companies opt for E-learning solution development, as customized content brings them more positive results in corporate training.
  • Performance tracking. Both E-learning applications and websites can use in-built statistical data to monitor users’ progress, interests, engagement, and behavior. It’s equally helpful for course planning and marketing purposes.
  • Cost-effectiveness. One of the main trends is E-learning having a significantly lower price compared to traditional education. Students, tutors, and employees save money on materials, travel, accommodation, etc.
  • Motivation and engagement. E-learning materials and methods (such as gamification, communities, video courses, VR support, etc.) can be perfect for delivering and retaining any new knowledge. Was this article helpful to you? Do you know any other factors that could make e-learning better in 2021?

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