Companies Looking For Blockchain Developers And Their Pay Scale

Companies Looking For Blockchain Developers And Their Pay Scale

This guide will help you in understanding what this blockchain technology is all about its benefits and how it works. 

The growth and effect of blockchain technology has been remarkable. His technology continues to create fans around the various sectors of the industry. You will make broad use of Blockchain technology, from food to finance. Almost all of the major names from various sectors are either working on or have already begun using Blockchain. So the question arises, why are businesses investing so much in the technology of Blockchain? Let's discuss this a little more.

Blockchain, what is it?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology which seeks to build a platform that is transparent and easy to access. This platform has cryptographically encrypted all the details, thus allowing full data access and security. This takes us to the next important chapter, and that's the Blockchain technology characteristic:

  1. Platform decentralized
  2. Networking peer-to-peer
  3. The Openness
  4. Security and protection of data
  5. No engagement from third parties

All these characteristics make Blockchain distinct from traditional applications. The reason we concentrate on Blockchain is that it's not that powerful for the traditional platform. In addition, interference by third parties renders traditional networks vulnerable to data attacks and breaches. We can solve all of these bottlenecks with Blockchain, making Blockchain a valuable tool for most organizations. Another advantage of using blockchain technology is that it reduces the risk of data threats and attacks.

Payscale of Blockchain developers:

We will highlight the names of different industries operating on Blockchain technology ahead of time, but before that you must realize that it is a lucrative job opportunity not just for those who have started Blcockhain-based businesses, but also for those who are looking to make a career as developers of Blockchain. On average, in the United States, a blockchain developer receives between $150,000 and $175,000.

The country & Blockchain Developer's Wage (annually)

SF Bay - $162,288

New York City - $153,113

Dallas City - $144,985

From Chicago - $141,880

Austin City - $135,028

Main organizations using Blockchain technology:

The use of Blockchain technology is not limited to only one field; you can find businesses across numerous industrial segments instead. The names of the few companies that are involved in the area of Blockchain technology will be highlighted.

Barclays: In the world of finance, one of the leading names is aggressively using blockchain technology to streamline the fund transfer method and KYC.

HSBC: This is yet another banking scheme that aims to use a network based on Blockchain. The goal is to switch from traditional paper-based work to a safe and stable digitized operating mode.

Visa: In 2016, the Blockchain platform was launched for B-2-B payments.

Unilever: In the supply chain, Blockchain still finds use, and businesses such as Unilever use Blockchain technology for the same. Blockchain technology is currently used by Unilever to control the tea industry's supply chain. The organization uses this technology to monitor all transactions.

Walmart: If we have to select a common name that has operated actively in the Blockchain domain, then Walmart is the one. To help the supply chain process, the company utilizes IBM's supply chain technology-Hyperledger network.

Pfizer: Blockchain is also used in the field of medicine and healthcare, and one of the famous pharmaceutical names, Pfizer is using this technology Biogen and the Clinical Supply Blockchain Working Group (CSBWG) led by Pfizer has completed the work on proof of concept to track and manage pharmaceutical digital inventory.


There are a couple of the major names that are using Blockchain technology in the industry. And it's not about these businesses; there have been numerous startups jumping into the Blockchain technology ocean. If you are planning to make this technology perfect, then this is the best time for the Blockchain Council to participate in blockchain certification.

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