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Amara Legros


NGRX component-store deep dive

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In the first part, I’ve explained what the component-store module of NGRX is all about. If you didn’t read it yet, then I’d advise you to go ahead check it.

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NGRX component-store deep dive
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Margaret D


Top Deep Learning Development Services | Hire Deep Learning Developer

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We at Inexture, strategically work on every project we are associated with. We propose a robust set of AI, ML, and DL consulting services. Our virtuoso team of data scientists and developers meticulously work on every project and add a personalized touch to it. Because we keep our clientele aware of everything being done associated with their project so there’s a sense of transparency being maintained. Leverage our services for your next AI project for end-to-end optimum services.

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Mikel  Okuneva

Mikel Okuneva


Top 10 Deep Learning Sessions To Look Forward To At DVDC 2020

The Deep Learning DevCon 2020, DLDC 2020, has exciting talks and sessions around the latest developments in the field of deep learning, that will not only be interesting for professionals of this field but also for the enthusiasts who are willing to make a career in the field of deep learning. The two-day conference scheduled for 29th and 30th October will host paper presentations, tech talks, workshops that will uncover some interesting developments as well as the latest research and advancement of this area. Further to this, with deep learning gaining massive traction, this conference will highlight some fascinating use cases across the world.

Here are ten interesting talks and sessions of DLDC 2020 that one should definitely attend:

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Adversarial Robustness in Deep Learning

By Dipanjan Sarkar

**About: **Adversarial Robustness in Deep Learning is a session presented by Dipanjan Sarkar, a Data Science Lead at Applied Materials, as well as a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning. In this session, he will focus on the adversarial robustness in the field of deep learning, where he talks about its importance, different types of adversarial attacks, and will showcase some ways to train the neural networks with adversarial realisation. Considering abstract deep learning has brought us tremendous achievements in the fields of computer vision and natural language processing, this talk will be really interesting for people working in this area. With this session, the attendees will have a comprehensive understanding of adversarial perturbations in the field of deep learning and ways to deal with them with common recipes.

Read an interview with Dipanjan Sarkar.

Imbalance Handling with Combination of Deep Variational Autoencoder and NEATER

By Divye Singh

**About: **Imbalance Handling with Combination of Deep Variational Autoencoder and NEATER is a paper presentation by Divye Singh, who has a masters in technology degree in Mathematical Modeling and Simulation and has the interest to research in the field of artificial intelligence, learning-based systems, machine learning, etc. In this paper presentation, he will talk about the common problem of class imbalance in medical diagnosis and anomaly detection, and how the problem can be solved with a deep learning framework. The talk focuses on the paper, where he has proposed a synergistic over-sampling method generating informative synthetic minority class data by filtering the noise from the over-sampled examples. Further, he will also showcase the experimental results on several real-life imbalanced datasets to prove the effectiveness of the proposed method for binary classification problems.

Default Rate Prediction Models for Self-Employment in Korea using Ridge, Random Forest & Deep Neural Network

By Dongsuk Hong

About: This is a paper presentation given by Dongsuk Hong, who is a PhD in Computer Science, and works in the big data centre of Korea Credit Information Services. This talk will introduce the attendees with machine learning and deep learning models for predicting self-employment default rates using credit information. He will talk about the study, where the DNN model is implemented for two purposes — a sub-model for the selection of credit information variables; and works for cascading to the final model that predicts default rates. Hong’s main research area is data analysis of credit information, where she is particularly interested in evaluating the performance of prediction models based on machine learning and deep learning. This talk will be interesting for the deep learning practitioners who are willing to make a career in this field.

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Clara  Gutmann

Clara Gutmann


Angular NgRx Store | Angular 9 NgRx Example

Angular NgRx Store is a client-side data management pattern used in large applications. The Ngrx/Store implements the Redux pattern using RxJS observables of Angular. The ngrx/store builds on the concepts made famous by Redux and supercharges it with the backing of **RxJS. **

Angular NgRx Store Example

In this blog post, you will learn what Redux pattern, where the pattern can prove to be useful is, and how the design can be used to build better Angular applications.

Angular Ngrx is a group of Angular libraries for reactive extensions. To understand the NgRX concept, you must make a quick dive into the core Redux concepts and Reactive Programming concepts.

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Angular NgRx + ExpressJS Store Tutorial

In this playlist we learn how to integrate ngrx into an angular application.
We also implement a backend API using the Node.js web framework known as ExpressJS.
Things you’ll learn from this playlist :
-Redux Pattern in depth.
-RxJs Operators.
-Components Interaction.
-Scss Styling.
-NgRx Architecture (Actions, Reducers,Effects & Selectors).
& much more…

Playlist :

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Kasey  Turcotte

Kasey Turcotte


Deep Dive Into Pandas DataFrame Join — pd.join()

A deep dive visual tutorial on how to join columns with other data frames in pandas

he join( ) function of the pandas’ library is used to join columns of another DataFrame. It can efficiently join columns with another DataFrame on index or on a key column. We can also join multiple DataFrame objects by passing a list. Let’s start by understanding its’ syntax and parameters. The companion materials for this tutorial can be found under our resources section.

Table of Content:

  1. Syntax
  2. Create DataFrames
  3. Understanding lsuffix and rsuffix parameters
  4. Joining DataFrames by Index Values
  5. Set index to join DataFrames
  6. Understanding the on parameter
  7. Joining multiple DataFrames
  8. Joining a Series with a DataFrame
  9. Understanding the “how” parameter
  10. Understanding the “sort” parameter
  11. Key Takeaways
  12. Resources
  13. References

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