Tips to Boost Your PPC Performance In 2020

Tips to Boost Your PPC Performance In 2020

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, as the name suggests, advertisers pay every time their ad is clicked. Though it is complex, it is still undoubtedly the best and most effective form of digital marketing. **[Digital Marketing Service...

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, as the name suggests, advertisers pay every time their ad is clicked. Though it is complex, it is still undoubtedly the best and most effective form of digital marketing. Digital Marketing Service providers have a wide scope to grow their traffic to new heights by improving PPC Performance. Google Adwords helps you stand out from others by showing your ads on the top of the Search Engine. Whereas the bid amount affects the placement of your ads. In this blog, I am going to tell you the tips to optimize your PPC Campaigns.

Adjust You Campaigns by Match Types You need to Classify your ad using the following match type: - Exact Match - Broad Match Modifier- Broad match - Phrase Match Though you need to avoid the phrase match since broad match modifier alone will cover all the keywords that can come under phrase match. Well, if you have not adapted the exact match keyword changes yet, its time to do it now. Last year Google made this major change in the keyword match type. This was a huge change in the PPC sector. Advertisers are now displaying more keywords than before after the update. Also, check if there are the same keywords in different ad groups to avoid impressions on that keyword.

Do Not Ignore Negative keywords Create a list containing all the negative keywords as they are the import part of your account performance and advertisers usually ignore it. They are not only important for your PPC ads performance but also for the ads budget. Negative Keywords will help you reach the targeted audience only by filtering out the unwanted traffic thus improving your click-through rate, quality score as well as conversions.

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Don’t Leave Ad Copy Rotation To Google Being a PPC Management Service Provider you can either leave the Ad copy rotation to google or do it on your own. But the best advice we can give is, start rotating ads on your own to optimize it properly. Again the ad rotation depends on whether your campaign is for branding or direct response. The Ad rotation works best for branding campaigns.


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