Password Validation in JavaScript [Step by Step Setup Explained]

Password Validation in JavaScript [Step by Step Setup Explained]

Here is the step by step setup explained how to use the password validation in Javascript. Password validation using Javascript regularly notifies the user about the correct format in which the password has to be inserted while creating the same.

Any website that supports authentication and authorization always asks for a username and password through login. If not so, the user needs to register and create a password to login into the next session, and hence websites tend to provide specific protocols or parameters. The following parameters are commonly used for password validation in any form.

  • Only alphanumeric inputs are accepted in the password field.
  • It should start with the uppercase alphabet.
  • At Least one uppercase alphabet password.
  • The password should be of a specific length.
  • One numeric value must be used in the password.
  • The password must have a minimum and maximum length.

Password validation in JavaScript ensures that these parameters are followed when the user creates a password. The given conditions must be met for the formation of a reasonably strong password. The structure of the password can be validated by regular expression using JavaScript code.

For processing the password validation using JavaScript in the password field, the below steps would be followed.


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