Forcing A Failure in GitHub Actions Based on A Condition

Forcing A Failure in GitHub Actions Based on A Condition

Forcing a failure in GitHub Actions based on a condition. Do you find the need to manually control a failure in a GitHub Actions step? Read this for quick method using a script to do so on a condition!

Last night I got tweeted at asking me how one could halt a CI workflow in GitHub Actions on a condition. This particular condition was if the code coverage tests failed a certain coverage threshold. I’m not a regular user of code coverage tools like  Coverlet but I went Googling for some answers and oddly did not find the obvious answer that was pointed out to me this morning. Regardless the journey to discover an alternate means was interesting to me so I’ll share what I did that I feel is super hacky, but works and is a similar method I used for passing some version information in other workflows.

First, the simple solution for if you are using Coverlet and want to fail a build and thus a CI workflow is to use the  MSBuild integration option and then you can simply use:

dotnet test /p:CollectCoverage=``true /p:Threshold=80

I honestly felt embarrassed that I didn’t find this simple option, but oh well, it is there and is definitely the simplest option if you can use this option. But there you have it. When used in an Actions workflow if the threshold isn’t met, this will fail that step and you are done.

Picture of failed GitHub Actions step

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