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gideon paul


What is KuCoin?

Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that started in the year 2017 in Seychelles. Kucoin aimed to provide crypto trading in a highly secured way. It has acquired five million registered users worldwide.

Kucoin exchange offers extended support to secure user crypto by providing offline storage. Kucoin supports 400 cryptocurrencies and 340 trading pairs. Kucoin also supports ICO to launch new cryptocurrencies on their exchange, a great option for crypto entrepreneurs. It Has its cryptocurrencies KCS and shares among the users.

Cryptocurrency exchange like Kucoin can be started with the help of the KuCoin clone script. kucoin clone helps entrepreneurs to start a crypto exchange instantly with all the inbuilt features and functionalities like an exchange.

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What is KuCoin?
gideon paul

gideon paul


What are salient features available in KuCoin Exchange?

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that started in the year 2017 in Seychelles. Kucoin aimed to provide crypto trading in a highly secured way. It has acquired five million registered users worldwide. The Kucoin has been officially partnered with IDG Capital and Matrix Partners.
Kucoin exchange offers extended support to secure user crypto by providing offline storage. Kucoin supports 400 cryptocurrencies and 340 trading pairs. Kucoin also supports ICO to launch new cryptocurrencies on their exchange, a great option for crypto entrepreneurs. It Has its cryptocurrencies KCS and shares among the users. Kucoin charges very little for withdraw and trading. It charges 0.1 % of interest-based on the crypto asset.

Salient Features at Kucoin Exchange

KCS Lockup and Cashback program

KCS lockup scheme has been introduced that user has to hold the token for 3months and they get additional 50% as profit on unlocking the kcs token.

KuMEX Launch

The announcement was Bitcoin Perpetual Contract and avails offer up to 20X leverage. To feast the launch of kuMEX, they have started a trading competition and pay winners with 10,000 KCS

KCS pay fee launch

On October 30, Kucoin officially announced the kucoin pay fee feature. Users can enable the feature and enjoy discounts of up to 20% for all sorts of trading pairs.

One can start a cryptocurrency exchange like KuCoin with a ready-made clone script available at markets that helps to launch exchange instantly!
KuCoin clone script is cryptocurrency exchange source code to launch exchange with all the features and functionalities like kucoin exchange. It helps entrepreneurs to launch crypto exchanges with ease.

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Jonas Wald


How Kucoin clone script is best for starting crypto business?

After going through various articles and information regarding the initiation of the crypto exchange #business like Kucoin, the #kucoin clone script might be the term that has crossed often. Being an entrepreneur, one would’nt engage with any specific method just because they recognized it. A detailed analysis is required to ensure its efficiency.

Likely, the #kucoin clone script might be the term that could have come across every entrepreneur’s business journey. Speaking of which, it is the best result-oriented development methodology. But, there exist much confusion, whether this Kucoin clone script will be the best choice or not. Without a delay let’s dive into this topic deeper,

As you might know, a Kucoin clone script is a pre-fabricated #crypto exchange software that comprises all essential features for a #cryptoexchange like Kucoin to run seamlessly.

Features of Kucoin clone script

  • High-Performance Matching Engine
  • Spot Trading
  • Margin Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • P2P Trading
  • OTC Trading
  • User Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Extended Trade View
  • Referral program
  • Crypto/Fiat Payment Gateway integration
  • Buy/Sell advertisements
  • User to user exchange BUY/SELL

Security Features

  • Jail Login
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • End-To-End Encryption Based SSL
  • Anti Denial Of Service(Dos)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection
  • Server-Side Request Forgery Protection
  • Anti Distributed Denial Of Service

Apart from these features, there are various other benefits that made this Kucoin clone software the best fit for starting a crypto exchange business.

Easy Customization

With the help of the Kucoin clone script, you will be able to make the necessary customizations to your crypto exchange. Apart from the in-built features, more security features can be added to enhance the exchange’s competency.

Instant Deployment

Making use of this Kucoin clone script, your overall time period for launching a crypto exchange reduces to the ground level. Being a prefabricated one, after making required changes and customizations your crypto exchange will be ready for launch with complete perfection.


Apart from other benefits, the Kucoin clone script supports the majority of the budding entrepreneurs with its affordable budget. Instead of spending a pile of money with the other development methodologies, making use of this Kucoin clone script helps to save a huge portion of your budget.

High success Ratio

As this Kucoin clone script is developed with a skillful team of experts, the script itself exists with a professional touch. With such a masterpiece you could possibly stand out from the crowd when compared to other amateur competitors. Grabbing a wide volume of traders to your exchange stands as the main factor for your success.

To get these benefits offered by a Kucoin clone script, all you have to do is to pick the best crypto exchange clone script provider among the various ones.

Jonas  Wald

Jonas Wald


Security features of Kucoin clone script

From the recent market analysis, it is clearly portrayed that the entire traditional crypto exchange development has been replaced effectively since the evolution of the Kucoin clone script. After realizing its benefits that have been in abundance, many started utilizing it while they were in thought of launching their own crypto exchange like Kucoin. 

In spite of its benefits, many who made use of this Kucoin clone script couldn’t make their long run. All this is because of the improper selection of the Kucoin clone script which lacks major features. Being such an impoverished service, made the entrepreneurs spend the majority of their time rectifying the errors that chained up along with their exchange. Why be a one among that herd? Let’s break the chain by grasping enough knowledge on the Kucoin clone script before choosing one. 

Generally, the clone script you’re about to choose must be enriched with features that directly impact your business’ growth by elevating it to a greater extent. 

Kucoin clone script’s Security features

  • Verification Through Email
  • Jail Login
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • End-To-End Encryption Based SSL
  • Anti Denial Of Service(Dos)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection
  • Server-Side Request Forgery Protection
  • Anti Distributed Denial Of Service

Looking after these sets of factors before purchasing a Kucoin clone script for your business will be pushing your business profile one step ahead of your competitors. Always ensure to acquire a super-fine Kucoin clone script for your business. 


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How To Buy Senso Coin On KuCoin Exchange

In this video I will show you how to buy Senso coin on KuCoin!

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Cryptocurrency trading is VERY risky. Make sure you understand these risks and that you are responsible for what you do with your money
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What is KuCoin Exchange | Instructions for Using and Registering?

In this post, you'll learn What is KuCoin Exchange | Instructions for Using and Registering KuCoin Exchange? (update 2022)

There are numerous crypto exchanges today, some are brand new and some old. It can be difficult for a novice investor to choose the right one. One popular exchange that attempts to make it easy for the layman is Kucoin, which is what we detail here. Learn what KuCoin is, the different features, and how to use it.

KuCoin is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, and according to CoinMarketCap, it has approximately 503 tradable cryptocurrencies. The exchange supports fiat currencies like EUR, CZK, NZD, HUF, CAD, etc., through Simplex, Banxa, and OTC. Currently, it has more than eight million users across 207 countries all over the world.

KuCoin has its own cryptocurrency, KuCoin Shares or KCS, which has been now rebranded to KuCoin Token. The platform provides spot trading, margin trade, contract (futures), pool-X, lending, and trading bot services.

Types of accounts on KuCoin

KuCoin offers five types of accounts.

  • Main account: For the storage, withdrawal, and deposit of funds
  • Trading account: For spot trades and KCS Pay Fees
  • Margin accounts: For margin borrowing and margin trading
  • Futures account: For future trading
  • Pool X account: For staking and soft staking

KuCoin also offers an over-the-counter trading desk. As per this service, traders can execute larger trades with specific prices. This is done without causing any fluctuation in the price of the crypto.

KuCoin API

KuCoin offers services like quantitative trading strategy, trading strategy, trading fee discount, interest-free loans, sandbox trading competition, and referral bonus to API users.

A goal to make investment easy

KuCoin is the brainchild of Michael Gan and Eric Don. Michael was an extraordinary kid who began coding at the age of eight. He founded his first start-up at the age of 16. Having heard about bitcoin in 2012 from his boss Eric, he tried to sell some on Mt. Gox. That’s when he understood that the largest platform at the time was difficult for beginners to use. This made Michael and Eric realize the need for a system that supports every layman, and the result was KuCoin.

What is the Kucoin leveraged token?

Leverage tokens are a new type of derivatives launched by KuCoin. These are tradable assets in the KuCoin spot market. They leverage the profits and aim to provide a multiple of profit of the asset by trading leveraged token shares. These tokens are named using the currency type, multiple of the profit, and long or short direction.

Leveraged tokens don’t have an expiry date or due date. Neither do they have a negative value. The risk of liquidation is absent irrespective of the change in the price of the token. It works under the management of the fund manager.

If you are trading in KuCoin leveraged tokens, then you don’t have to pay a margin or borrow funds to try margin trading. Users holding at least six KCS receive a 50% bonus, which comes from KuCoin’s daily trading fee revenue.

1. The advantages of KuCoin

KuCoin is one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchange platforms by volume, according to CoinMarketCap. This does not come as a surprise, given all the benefits. It is reasonably expected to retain the position for the long run.

1. Offers lower fees

The maker/taker fee on KuCoin starts at 0.1%, and it will be reduced as levels increase. You can also avail of a further 20% discount if you pay with KCS. The withdrawal fee is also set to one of the lowest in the crypto industry.

2. Strong user base

A strong user base means high liquidity. At the time of writing this article, KuCoin has more than eight million customers. This means that there’s high liquidity. KuCoin claims that every one in four crypto holders across the world uses its service.

3. A wide range of cryptocurrencies

The platform provides for more than 750 trading pairs and more than 380 currencies. You can also choose which pair you want, like BTC, MXR, DAG, EOS, LTC. You can also get tokens like OMG, KCS, DADI, etc.

4. Availability of trading bots

KuCoin provides trading bots that suit people who are new to trading or just don’t have time to set aside for it. The bot will do the trading as per the set parameters. You need not keep tabs on the market or worry about unforeseen market fluctuations. This is the primary feature that attracts users toward KuCoin.

5. Advanced level of charting

The advanced level of charting on KuCoin helps you understand trading strategies better. The app provides analytical charts on everything the trader needs to know.

6. Efficient customer support

The customer support provided by KuCoin is notable. It provides 24×7 live chat services. It is fast and efficient. You can also use the facility to raise a ticket or reach out to support executives via email.

7. Demo trading account

In order to make users comfortable, KuCoin also provides a demo trading account. This demo trading account helps beginners to acquire in-depth knowledge about the trading strategies.

2. The disadvantages of KuCoin

Every system has its drawbacks. Investors have to be cautious about these while using the platform.

1. Limited payment methods

The payment modes offered by KuCoin are limited. Currently, the platform only supports Google Pay, credit cards, and debit cards.

2. Limited educational resources

Being a relatively novel industry, the crypto industry has a steep learning curve. Unless you provide adequate resources to help users onboard the platform, the platform will remain to a few users. In KuCoin’s case, there are limited educational resources. Although there is a blog, it acts more like a promo medium than an informative resource.

3. Not supported in some countries

The KuCoin exchange is not supported in countries like China, Comoros, Seychelles, Syria, Thailand, and the United States.

3. How to Register on KuCoin

what is Kucoin

You can register on KuCoin by using your email address or phone number. As soon as you enter your email, a code will be sent. Once you enter that verification code, you have to set a password. Read the terms and conditions, agree to it, and select sign up.

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If you use your phone number to sign up, the code will be sent to the phone number. Follow the above process after entering the verification code. You can use an email address only once. In case your country code is not in the dropdown menu, then use your email for registration. If you get verified via KYC, you will have additional benefits.

Once you are done with registering, then go to, enter your email or phone number, and also the password.

login with a QR code

Another way to log in to the platform is by scanning the QR code. To enforce security to your account, enable two-factor authentication.

4. How to Buy Crypto on KuCoin


The first step is to fund your account. Then select the ‘Market’ option at the top of the screen.

trading pair | what is kucoin

Next, search for the coin you want. KuCoin will list the coins which you can trade.

market buy

Select the trading pair which matches with the coin which you intend to buy. You will then be taken to the main trading screen. Select Market, if you want to buy the crypto at the market price. Then enter the number of coins you want to buy, and click the “Best Market Price button.” Complete the purchase by clicking on the green “Buy” button.

Users can even set a six-digit trading password. You have to input this trading password for withdrawals, transactions, and also for API creation. Remember that this is different from two-factor authentication. To enable this, go to the settings page and choose a trading password on the KuCoin app. You can even buy crypto using credit cards.

5. Buy Crypto using a credit/ debit card

third-party service

If you want to buy crypto using a credit or debit card, go to the KuCoin home page and click on the “Buy Crypto” option at the top of the page. Select the “Third-party” option.

What is Kucoin

You will be taken to a payment form. Here, you can choose the currency which you want to buy. Then enter the amount you want to spend and select the crypto you want to buy.

Select the payment method from visa card/ MasterCard or Apple Pay. You will get a list of payment channels. Select the payment channel from the list and then read the disclaimer box and agree to it. Then hit the confirm button. Then you will have to enter the card details and then pay.

6. How to Trade on KuCoin

how to trade on kucoin

On the top left of the page, you will find the ‘Market’ button. Click on that, and you will be taken to the market page. Here you can see all the trading pairs. Click on the coin which you want to, and then you can see all the trading pairs with your selected coin.

Nearby some currency pairs, you can see 10X. This means that you can trade this currency pair with 10X leverage.

You can select some currency pairs as favorites, which gives you easy access to that currency pair. You can also search for some specific currency pairs by using the currency option.

The little clock icon on the top right of the page allows you to set price alerts or volatility alerts.


Then transfer the currency to the trading account. For that, just click on the transfer option and select the type of currency which you want to trade and also the amount you want to transfer. Then click confirm.

Before trading, you need to enter your trading password, and then you don’t have to re-enter it for the next two hours.

Select the type of your order and details of your order. KuCoin offers four types of orders:

  • Limit order
  • Market order
  • Stop limit order
  • Stop market order

7. Use KuCoin trading bot for easy gains

KuCoin trading bot

A trading bot is a way to make profits without observing the market. Almost every exchange platform provides this service, but with the help of a third party. KuCoin has a built-in trading bot that is entirely free of charge. The users can directly start to use it if they have the amount to invest in.

KuCoin trading bots work on the basis of four strategies:

  • Spot grid
  • Futures grid
  • Smart rebalancing
  • Dollar-cost averaging

8. How to use KuCoin trading bots

How to use bots

You have different methods to use a trading bot.

Method 1: Log in to the KuCoin app and select a trading bot.
Method 2: Open the KuCoin app, select trade, and then the trading bot.

KuCoin’s official documentation on trading bots will help you use this feature.

9. KuCoin lending for passive income

KuCoin allows you to lend cryptocurrencies to other users with interest rates. This is a peer-to-peer lending process.

The lender has to fill in the details regarding the amount which he is ready to lend and also the daily interest rate (the interest rate is from 0 to 0.2%). The lender can also decide the duration of the term for lending. It can be 7 days, 14 days, or 28 days. The default lending term is 28 days. Both risks and rewards are high in the KuCoin lending service.

KuCoin even provides for an auto-lending option. Here, you can reserve the amount which you don’t want to lend. This is kept as a reserve amount. To do this, just enable the automatic lending option. The lender can set the lowest daily interest rate. The system will lend your fund automatically to other users.

10. Staking on KuCoin

what is kucoin and staking on it

Staking is also an excellent way to make some passive income on Kucoin, which even has a separate platform called Pool X dedicated to that.

Click on the ‘Finance’ button on the top of the page and then select the earn option below that. It will take you to the Pool X platform.

Scroll down and click on the ‘More’ option near to the staking head. The website will provide you with a list of all the coins that you can stake. There are two different ways to stake on KuCoin. One is the flexible term and the other is the fixed terms.

Flexible terms mean you will get a lesser yield, but you will be able to withdraw your cryptocurrency at any time from your pool x account. A list of all the cryptocurrencies available for flexible term staking will be provided. Select the currency you want to stake, and they will show you the annual yield for just keeping your currency in the Pool X account.

Click on the transfer button on the right side and then transfer your currency from your main account to your Pool X account. Enter the amount you want to transfer, or click on max if you want to transfer all of it. Click confirm.

The income which you generate here will be a little lower than the income you would generate for it if you stake it for a fixed period.

While staking for a fixed period, you will lose liquidity. You cannot move the currency from Pool X to the main account before the redemption period is over. If you transfer the currency before completion of the redemption period, then you will lose your interest.

11. KuCoin pool

Kucoin pool

KuCoin pool is a mining pool that supports proof-of-work assets. It provides only a 2% mining fee. The exchange even has an optimized algorithm to ensure high mining efficiency.

After logging in to the KuCoin account, log in to the KuCoin pool. Create a miner account and complete your miner configuration in the general settings. The platform uses a revenue model that includes FPPS based settlement mode for BTC mining and FPPS based settlement mode for BCH mining.

12. KuCoin has features worth looking at

Although KuCoin is all highlighted with its advantages and what makes it better, any trader needs to know about the drawbacks too before investing. Make sure that you don’t miss the risky elements. It is still in its primary stage. Investing in something new comes with risks as well. The unique features of the exchange may make you blind, but be sure to do your research before investing.

13. Frequently asked questions

Is KuCoin a safe exchange?

KuCoin is safeguarded with two-factor authentication, trading password, and industry-level multi-layer encryption. They also have an internal risk control department, which makes your funds safe and secure. However, being a centralized exchange, it is still vulnerable to hacking and theft. 

Is KuCoin legal in the U.S.?

The exchange does not provide services for countries not listed on the KuCoin website. It does not include the U.S.

Where is the KuCoin exchange located?

KuCoin exchange is based in Seychelles.

Is KuCoin a wallet or an exchange?

KuCoin is an exchange that also features a wallet. The platform combines two different services and provides them together. Although it brands itself as an exchange, it also provides storage services. 

Can I trust KuCoin?

KuCoin has proven itself to be a legitimate service over the years. There’s no reason so far to doubt the exchange’s honesty.

What is KuCoin used for?

KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform that lets users buy, sell, store, and lend their cryptocurrencies.

Can U.S. citizens use KuCoin?

KuCoin is not legal in the United States. But U.S. citizens can still use KuCoin by registering via email ID. This comes without KYC registration. So, you may not get the same services as others. Moreover, as it is not legally licensed, and considering the strict regulations for cryptocurrency, you must be cautious while using KuCoin. 

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