8 Tips for the Junior Data Analyst

8 Tips for the Junior Data Analyst

Congratulations! You recently landed your first data analyst job! As a data analyst over the past few years, I would like to share a few tips with you, as you start your new career as an analyst.

1) Fully Understand Your Customers Needs

When you get requests from customers, be it a new report/a specific analysis/project, always understand *why *the customer is requesting this. What *exactly *is he seeking? Understand the *bigger *picture. Don’t be embarrassed to ask even many questions if needed, until you fully understand. Understanding exactly what he needs, is a big part of your job. It will also help you feel more of a connection with your work, by understanding it’s value.

2) Sometimes You Know Best, Offer Alternatives

Your customer may think he knows what he needs/wants, but sometimes you know best. Ask the tough questions, what do you need this for? Do you even really *need this? *After you understood exactly what he** needs, think of the alternatives. Is there an **existing solution you can moderate to meet his needs? What would be the best solution technologically? Offer the solution that you think is best.

3) Always Try to Automate Your Processes

Part of an analyst’s job can sometimes include ‘grunt work’, lots of copying and pasting in excel etc. However, there are some situations in which you can choose *to automate the process more. Always look for the *better automatic solution. For example- instead of dozens of actions in excel you won’t be able to replicate next time, try to put it in a query form. Try thinking big- what about the entire data process *isn’t running smoothly? *What can be improved?

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