Text Mining: WhatsApp Chat Analysis

Text Mining: WhatsApp Chat Analysis

Analysing the hidden trends and the useful insights behind any group chat in Python. Human beings have always been a social species that relies on cooperation to survive and thrive.

Human beings have always been a social species that relies on cooperation to survive and thrive. Communication forms an indispensable phenomenon in characterising the breed since time immemorial. In modern times, communication becomes even more crucial in dissipating information more so with the rise of technology, coming up of new gadgets with each passing day and rise of social media at the wake of the 21st century.

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WhatsApp Phenomenon

There exist various platforms which invite the exchange of thoughts, views and opinions. WhatsApp is one such instant messaging platform, recently acquired by the social media giant Facebook Inc., the popularity of which crosses all bounds.With over 2 Bn users world wide, India have the lion’s share of whooping 400 million users as of July 2019 as per NITI Aayog (GoI think-tank). WhatsApp thus forms an integral part of every Indian household, college class rooms and corporate set-ups.Consequently resulting in the explosion of the new GOLD of this millennia (guess what!!! ) DATA, yes you are right, albeit book-keeping, accounting is some of the oldest traits acquired by the humans besides domestication of animals, but the amount of data we produce today is mind-boggling.

There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our current pace, but that pace is only accelerating with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Over the last two years alone 90 percent of the data in the world was generated.

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Data Generation

According to Domo’s Data Never Sleeps 5.0 report, these are numbers generated every minute of the day:

  • Snapchat users share 527,760 photos
  • More than 120 professionals join LinkedIn
  • Users watch 4,146,600 YouTube videos
  • 456,000 tweets are sent on Twitter
  • Instagram users post 46,740 photos
  • We send 16 million text messages
  • There are 990,000 Tinder swipes
  • 156 million emails are sent; worldwide it is expected that there will be 2.9 billion email users by 2019
  • 15,000 GIFs are sent via Facebook messenger
  • Every minute there are 103,447,520 spam emails sent
  • There are 154,200 calls on Skype

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