Dynamically generating SQL queries using Node.js

Dynamically generating SQL queries using Node.js

Introduction to building dynamic SQL queries safely in Node.js using Slonik.

Ever since I have released Slonik (PostgreSQL client for Node.js) and written a controversial Stop using Knex.js article (tl;dr; query builders are designed to be building blocks for ORMs; they do not add value when majority of the query is static.), I have been asked a lot — then how do I generate dynamic queries? I will answer this by sharing a couple of real-life examples.

All of the queries in this article are actual queries used in real-life business, Applaudience which heavily relies on PostgreSQL.

Disclaimer: (1) All examples discuss only SQL injection threats. Authorization logic (e.g. whitelisting columns user is authorized to access) is not in the scope of this article. (2) All statements assume there are no bugs in Slonik implementation.

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