Dumb decorators for redux & redux-observable & react-redux

Dumb decorators for redux & redux-observable & react-redux

redux-epics-decorator Dumb decorators for redux & redux-observable & react-redux & redux-actions.


A Dumb wrapper for redux redux-observable react-redux redux-actions injection-js


  • 🚀 Less boilerplate codes
  • 🦄 No magic string Action Types
  • 💚 Type Safe, typecheck in Payload
  • ⛏ Go to definition, go to your Reducer/Epics with one click
  • 🖇 Easy to intergrate into existed redux-observable or other redux middlewares

but which more important is:

This is image title


  • yarn add redux redux-observable rxjs redux-actions react-redux
  • yarn add redux-epics-decorator

Full example project


Use yarn && yarn start to play with it.


// module.ts
import { Action } from 'redux-actions'
import { ActionsObservable } from 'redux-observable'
import { Observable } from 'rxjs'
import { exhaustMap, takeUntil } from 'rxjs/operators'

import { generateMsg, Msg } from '../service'
import { EffectModule, Module, Effect, Reducer, ModuleActionProps, DefineAction } from 'redux-epics-decorator'

export interface StateProps {
  currentMsgId: string | null
  allMsgs: Msg[]

export class Module1 extends EffectModule<StateProps> {
  readonly defaltState: StateProps = {
    currentMsgId: null,
    allMsgs: []

  @DefineAction('dispose') dispose: Observable<void>

    success: (state: StateProps, { payload }: Action<Msg>) => {
      const { allMsgs } = state
      return { ...state, allMsgs: allMsgs.concat([payload!]) }
  getMsg(action$: Observable<void>) {
    return action$.pipe(
      exhaustMap(() => generateMsg().pipe(
        map(this.createAction('success')), // up in Effect Decorator
        // dispatch a normal Redux Action
        // intergrate to your existed redux system
          type: 'notification',
          payload: {
            type: 'success',
            msg: '✨ Get message success!'

  selectMsg(state: StateProps, { payload }: Action<string>) {
    return { ...state, currentMsgId: payload }

export type DispatchProps = ModuleActionProps<Module1>
// container.tsx
import { Module1, StateProps, DispatchProps } from './module'

interface OtherProps {
  price: number
  count: number
type Props = StateProps & OtherProps & DispatchProps

const mapStateToProps = (state: GlobalState): StateProps => ({
  price: otherModule.price,
  count: otherModule.count,

class YourComponent extends React.PureComponent<Props> {
  // your codes ...

  render() {
    // this is same to this.props.dispatch({ type: 'Module1/getMsg' })
    this.props.getMsg() // () => Action<void>, type safe here
    return (
      <div />

export connect(Module1)(mapStateToProps)(YourComponent)
// store
import { combineModuleEpics, combineModuleReducers, createEpicMiddleware } from 'redux-epics-decorator'

import { StateProps as YourComponentStateProps, Module1 } from './yourcomponent/module'

interface GlobalState {
  yourcomponent: YourComponentStateProps

const rootEpic = combineEpics(
  // other normal epics from redux-observable

const rootReducer = combineReducers({
    module1: Module1,
    module2: Module2,
    module3: Module3,
  // other normal reducers from redux-actions
  other1: otherReducers1,
  other2: otherReducers2,

const epicMiddleware = createEpicMiddleware()

export default store = createStore<GlobalState>(rootReducer, compose<any>(


Download Details:

Author: Brooooooklyn

Official Website: https://github.com/Brooooooklyn/redux-epics-decorator

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