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Climbing the Corporate AI Ladder -DeepLearning.AI & FourthBrain

The Premium Corporate Gift Possibilities Available To Upgrade

We mostly get worried about what to give a gift on an occasion, especially if it is related to office or corporate affairs. Selecting a gift for such a purpose is a little witty act because you want to get the best utility gift for the person in a pocket-friendly range. Corporate gifting can be defined as any item whether to utilise or to consume, to acknowledge the assistance or company. This is like an act of recognition for the firm are various types of corporate gifts available in the market.
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  1. An attractive confectionery box: - It can either be expensive, famous chocolate bars or a delicious loaf of cake from some renowned shop or maybe a box of multiple confections that you can offer as a gift. Everyone loves sweets and it also portrays a good alliance between you and your client and edible gifts are considered the best corporate gifts in Singapore. Then the sweets box will no longer be an ideal choice anymore.

  2. Sports kit bag: - If you are searching for unique corporate gifts, then you can also endow your client or vendor with a sports kit bag as a gift that could be the best gift for them. It also shows your concern for their health and the activities that motivate them to exercise. There are a variety of ranges of sports kit bags for you to select from. You can easily pick the most stylish one that comes within your range. Sports kit bags are in the latest trend and can be used for multiple purposes. Therefore, this can be an ideal gift choice for you.

  3. Ear pods: - If you intend to give a gift to your VIP clients or special vendors then you can get those Apple Air Pods or other ear pods of various available brands. Headphones are now very old and are common to everyone but ear pods are stylish and more convenient in professional services. Therefore, no other gift can be as lavish as a branded ear pods. Plenty of variety and specifications are available from which you have to pick up the one that suits your requirement as well as your budget. Ear pods are recognized as the best corporate gifts in Singapore.

  4. Bluetooth speakers: - Another amazing utility gift is a Bluetooth speaker that is presently mandated in every house. Honestly, your customers will be happy to get quality Bluetooth speakers from popular brands. There are many famous brands like Bose, Boat, Jam, JBL and so on who offers excellent series of speakers with great features at a pocket pinching price. Buying an ordinary speaker might not be a good idea and they refer to unique corporate gifts online to fetch more information on this.

  5. Travelling kit: - Your client or vendor has to travel a lot due to their business affairs. Gifting them a travelling kit can be a great option. This might include a traveller bottle or a camp cup or a rucksack bag. A travelling kit has a lot of varieties and hence you can offer multiple small gifts assembled. Moreover, this idea of the gift item is highly reasonable as well as trendy. A travelling kit is one of the best corporate gifts in Singapore. It has got a huge market in the gift and craft industry because this kit can be used otherwise as well apart from being used in travelling.

Conclusion: - A lot of options of the corporate gift are available in the market. All the options which are mentioned here will surely help you to make a wise choice of gift. However, you should set out a benchmark of features that needs to present in your selected Bluetooth speaker as this reflects your impression.

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11 Challenges Faced by Corporate Event Planner

Problems or challenges are inevitable part, especially when you are into corporate event planning. A corporate event planner has to take care of several tasks to make his client happy and content. Believe it or not, happy and content clients come back to you only. In corporate event planning challenges can come anytime. There are challenges which are beyond our control, but the ones which are in our control we should take extra precautions to handle them completely.

Here in this post we are going to share with you the top 11 challenges that are faced by corporate event planners.

Here we go

1. Arrival of more than the Estimated Attendees

Undoubtedly, having a large audience is a matter of great delight for anybody. But the same could turn to a biggest chaos also if the corporate event planner miss to make arrangements for the over-audience at the event. Of course, there is always an estimate that these many people may attend the event, but you never know when you are lucky and you get more than what you expected. In such a situation even planner should keep a close track of the social media mentions, event forums and regular activities going on in the event app. So that you can make proper adjustments in advance, in case you see larger number of engagements in all these platforms.

2. Giving no Breathers

Trust me, your audience is very human, which means every human has a capacity to learn, understand, retain etc. if you will try to have a very strict schedule for people, they will get stressed out, which is not a great sign. Your program should be designed in such a way that people in attendance are able to retain and concentrate properly and they have enough breathers such as: tea/coffee breaks, lunch breaks, some activities etc.

3. Having no Backup Plans for Bad Weather

Bad weather is something that can’t be predicted accurately, especially in countries where hail storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes are common. So, if you are planning your event in such a country or city which is prone to bad weather conditions not having a back plan will not only ruin your event, but also the money that a client put into an event to make it a successful one. So, an event planner should always have a Plan B or having an alternative venue to cope up with the situation. A professional corporate event planner will always have a plan B, C, and D as it makes one stand out in case of any mishap.

4. Not having Enough Manpower

The success of any event depends largely on the manpower. Not having enough manpower can lead to many problems on the day of the event itself. Remember that the event day is the most crucial day, you can’t plan anything on that day, that’s the day when you execute. Realizing on the day of event that you have hired just half of the manpower required, is not wise. Exact staffing is the key to a successful event. So, it is crucial to talk to the stakeholders and collect all the information about what they would need for the day of the event. Over and under staffing can lead to a major problem, so be wise!

5. Ignoring the importance of Technology in Event Planning

Long gone are the days when you need to do things manually. Today is the time of technology and for a successful event planning, execution and management an event planner needs to be technically sound. When we say technically sound it does not mean that he should have knowledge about everything in the world, no not at all. He just needs to be updated with the latest technology or software that are used in event planning and marketing. Believe it or not, having a sound knowledge of good event management tools or software can help you to stay on top. These tools help you to measure the results and performance of the events that you managed.

6. Working without Prior Experience

There may be certain things that you can manage without prior experience, but trust event planning is not amongst them. Whether you believe or not, you have to have experience in managing events. You need to have worked from ground level to manage an event successfully. If you don’t know the nitty gritties of planning an event, then event planning is surely not for you. Some event management companies are forced to shut down because they had no prior experience in the field. For running a successful event management business first you need to work in the field.

7. No Proper Vendor Management

Event planning is actually managing of vendors and get your task from them. If you lack this skill, then trust it’s tough for you to manage it further. If you are not able to manage your vendors then be ready for a messy event. Vendor Management is a MUST HAVE skill for all the event planners, expecting a great event without it - is a dream that will never come true!

8. Not Going by Law

Each country has certain rules and laws set for the events, especially when they are held on a large scale. Event planners should make sure that the government’s rules and regulations are followed, so as to avoid any chaos later. Remember that an event is a pricey affair, and a small mistake or ignorance can lead to huge loss.

9. Avoiding Tiny Details

The entire game of event management depends on the details, be it large or small. How detailed oriented an event planner is matters the most. You cannot just skip anything while planning an event. You have to be extra careful about everything while working for an event. Trust, the more detail oriented you are the more successful the event would be.

10. Not abiding by the Event Timeline

Believe it or not, time matters the most. An event planner has to religiously abide by timeline. You cannot simply give an excuse for a delayed project. Event timeline is the first thing that is made and followed throughout the planning and execution stage to hold a wonderful and an impressive event.

11. Not having Proper Event Budgeting

Just like event planning, event budgeting is also very important aspect of event planning and yes, harrowing one. A lot of things have to be considered to make proper budget of the event. Professional event planners always compare company’s previous events and assess them properly so as to give the right and customized budget to the company for holding a successful event.

To conclude….

So, these are the challenges that may arise during an event planning. Plan your event accordingly keeping everything in mind and you are set to stand out amidst your competition.

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Eric Desuza


5 Important Reasons to Use a Corporate Intranet Software Open Source

Are you looking for a way to maximize employee adoption of your intranet platforms, then you need to try a lot more than just suggesting that people use it? By incentivizing the use of the intranet platform for your small business and customizing it to your user’s specific needs, you can get employers to begin using small business intranet solutions through its application.

Here are some of the major benefits of using corporate intranet software open source:

  • Flexibility

By using an open corporate intranet software, any business can build a structure that works in flexibility with the already present corporate structure of the organization. Although it is quite tricky as the departments, as well as the silos, are also a huge part of the company’s identity. It is typical that the company has a silo for IT and for finance. By using a corporate intranet software open source, the company can control how the content can be organized, not just according to the perspective of the menu, but in terms of designing the metadata and how it gets tagged with taxonomy terms.

  • Extensibility

Another advantage of using small business intranet solutions is getting limited in terms of structuring the company’s data - the kind of files being uploaded and how the employees are able to collaborate. By getting started with a solid base of features, you can add flexibility that can transform the organization from within. By being able to add more modules and extend the functionality, it becomes easier to communicate with employees.

  • Integration

No one who uses a new employee intranet wants to remember a new set of login credentials or build a new habit. Using the right intranet platform works to fit nicely into the existing workflow. Then using this new integrated system becomes a smooth journey. The single-sign-on system ensures that users don’t get stuck in an endless cycle of login pages and makes it easier to access. You can easily pull in data from other platforms to share or show on the intranet platform. You could also easily and automatically build a set of contacts from existing employee records on the database. It can also be easily connected with Slack, Microsoft, or other internal channels of communication.

  • Search

The search experience using these platforms is also flexible and customizable. It can help use intuitiveness to find content on the platform. It integrates quite well with open source, which allows room for flexibility in search experiences and finding the information that employees are looking for, understanding their behaviors and needs.

  • Cost

Open-source corporate intranet software is free. So, the only payment due is on the actual design and development of the software for your intranet’s needs but not for the platform itself. This keeps the budget more fluid, small, and acceptable to integrate the intranet software in the organization. It gives the organization the room to focus on resources required to build the optimal user experience for the employers.

If you are in the process of deciding whether to go on to purchase corporate intranet software from open source, then these reasons should suffice.

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jack richer

jack richer


Employee Transport Management Software | Corporate Transport Solution

Day by day, we see a lot of people commuting from their places to the offices with utmost frustration and tiredness. Irrespective of the distance the employees come from, they don’t feel comfortable or patient in waiting for the public transportation. Instead they feel tiredness even during the early hours. This inturn causes their productivity to decrease.

What would be better than to provide a solution to this? That’s why it is the right time for you to start your business from Employee Transport Management System or Corporate Transportation Software.

The issues that were faced by the employees while using public transport are as follows:

Missed workdays:
Long commutes can affect employees’ health leading to taking holidays because of illness. This may make the companies’ delivery of projects delayed.

Prone to errors:
Due to poor time management, employees may seem frustrated and may make regular mistakes on the work they do.

Loss of revenue:
By being unable to concentrate on their work due to the long commute and tiredness, employees may delay their work making it more difficult for the company to earn revenue.

**Basic features of Employee Transport Management System:
Location Tracking:
With the real-time GPS tracking. Navigating the vehicles is also possible from anywhere at any time.

Notifications alert:
The corporate and employee transport system service providers would get to know by notifications if there is an unscheduled halt or a wrong route taken. It would also let know if there is any unsafe driving.

Fuel Monitoring:
If there is any reduction in the level of fuel or irregular usage of fuel, you will get an alert.

Improves productivity: The system increases the performance of the employees, since they won’t have to wait for the public transportation, the employees would be lacking tiredness.
Safety for employees: The usage of this system increases the safety since it contains both GPS and route navigation. This is of utmost use for women employees.
Got the idea about starting this business? The Employee Transport Management Solution lets you readily launch your app with just a few more special features’ additions. So don’t beat around the bush and make it work now!!

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Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson


Launch Corporate Travel Management App With the Best Uber Clone from SpotnRides

Most of the corporate people are seeking a complete solution to manage their travel during the corporate trips. Have an idea about building an uber like corporate travel management app? Read this blog to know how SpotnRides enhance the market expectations with their techie features. Check out here: corporate travel management solution

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