Common Web Security Vulnerabilities

Common Web Security Vulnerabilities

In the movies, hacking is like fast keyboard typing and hitting the Enter but in the real world, hackers find and exploit vulnerabilities to hack websites.

Known Vulnerabilities Using an outdated WordPress plugin can let a hacker get into your website. Every day many vulnerabilities in popular web softwares are found and reported by security researchers. Once a vulnerability is reported hackers start finding vulnerable targets to exploit and hack for their purpose. It’s crucial to use the latest version of any software and install security updates as soon as possible. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) XSS doesn’t allow hackers to access your website directly but hackers can manipulate what is presented on your website using this vulnerability. Cross Site Scripting is a dangerous vulnerability because hackers can control the browser of your website visitors and eventually gain access to your website by stealing your browser Cookie containing the access token to the website.

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