Admin Framework and Mobile Website Based on Spring Boot and Vue.js

Admin Framework and Mobile Website Based on Spring Boot and Vue.js

web-flash -- Admin Framework and Mobile Website Based on Spring Boot and Vue.js


  • web-flash is a web system based on Spring Boot and Vue.js , including a background management system based on element and a mobile h5 site based on vux
  • web-flash has the general basic functions of the background management system, and provides a code generation plug-in based on idea intellij, which can generate front and back pages with one click.
  • web-flash provides a background management system and front-end h5 site system
  • A single version of Material Design style is also provided: material-admin

Catalog description

  • flash-api background api service
  • flash-vue-admin background management system based on vuejs
  • flash-vue-h5 mobile content system, based on the background management CMS content management module for display.
  • Flash-core basic modules, including tools, dao, service, bean, etc.
  • The flash-generator code generation module works better with the IDEA code generation plug-in webflash-generator


Technical selection

  • Core framework: Spring Boot
  • Database layer: Spring data jpa
  • Database connection pool: Druid
  • Cache: Ehcache
  • Front end: Element (back end) and vux (mobile end) based on Vue.js

Features included

web-flash contains mature background management functions and mobile phone h5 content site system

  • Department management
  • User Management
  • Role management
  • Menu management: configure menu functions
  • Permission assignment: configure a specific function menu for the specified role
  • Parameter management: maintain system parameters, and cache system parameters to provide efficient reading
  • Data dictionary management: configuration and maintenance data dictionary
  • Timing task management: writing, configuring, and executing timing tasks
  • Business log: record user operation log by way of annotation, and provide log query function
  • Login log: View user login and logout logs
  • cms content management, in conjunction with flash-vue-h5, provides a mobile content display system
  • Message management: configure message templates, send SMS, email messages
  • Code generation based on idea plugin


  • Clone this project
  • Import idea or eclipse
  • Create a database: web-flash
   CREATE USER 'webflash'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '[email protected]';
   GRANT ALL privileges ON webflash.* TO 'webflash'@'%';
   flush privileges;
  • The development environment is configured to automatically create a database and initialize data after the system is started, so there is no need for developers to manually initialize the database
  • Make sure the development tool has downloaded the lombok plugin
  • Modify the database connection configuration in flash-api
  • Start flash-api and visit http://localhost:8082/swagger-ui.html to ensure that the api service is started successfully
  • Enter the flash-vue-admin directory
  • 运行 npm install --registry=
  • Run npm run dev
  • After successful startup, visit http://localhost:9528 , log in, username and password: admin/admin
  • Background management effect diagram: admin
  • Enter the flash-vue-h5 directory
  • 运行 npm install --registry=
  • Run npm run dev
  • Visit http://localhost:8088/#/index after successful startup
  • Mobile terminal operation effect picture: mobile

Online documentation

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Author: enilu


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