React v.17 - Latest Release Candidate

React v.17 - Latest Release Candidate

React v.17.0 Release Candidate was released. I found some cool changes in the react v.17.0. So let’s Talk about them.

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React is one of the most Popular Frontend Framework among the Developers which is maintained by Facebook and the Developer Community. React have more cool features than other frameworks. Easy to learn and Code, Good documentation which helps to Beginners, Good Performance, Helpful React Community and Component-Based Architecture are Main reasons for the React Popularity. React has many releases after the Initial Release in 2013. But for a bit long time, React did not come with the new Release. So after Little Bit of Break React, v.17.0 Release Candidate was released. According to the Documentation on the Official React Website, they put the heading as the “No new Features ”. So as a developer this is not good news for them. But after study the documents I found some cool changes in the react v.17.0. So let’s Talk about them.

React v.17.0 Installation

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First things first. So let’s try to install the React v.17. These are the very simple steps you need to follow to install the Latest Version. Keep in mind that a release candidate is more likely to contain bugs than a stable release, so don’t deploy it to production yet.

To install React 17 RC with npm, run:

npm install [email protected] [email protected]

To install React 17 RC with Yarn, run:

yarn add [email protected] [email protected]

Developers also provide UMD builds to React via a CDN:

<script crossorigin src="[email protected]/umd/react.production.min.js"></script>
<script crossorigin src="[email protected]/umd/react-dom.production.min.js"></script>

New Features with the React v.17.0

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As developers, we are always interested in the new features that come with the new release. But in v.17.0 React Developers focused more on Making react easier to Upgrade by itself over providing new Features with the Latest Release.

This React v.17.0 makes it safer to embed a tree managed by one version of React inside a tree managed by another version of React. This means you can work on different React Versions on the same React project.

This is a very good Addition to the React. As developers, we know that sometimes we can occur many errors due to incompatibility of the dependencies of the different Versions.

As developers to overcome this problem we have two choices. We should Update the whole project to a new version or We should keep the Older versions and keep working according to that version are the two approaches. But with the React v.17.0, we can manage many version in the same Project.

According to the Official Documentation in react website that we can expect the more interesting feature in the React v.18. React Engineers Highly recommended to upgrade the whole project to the New Versions. But we know that some scenarios we cannot upgrade the whole Project. So This New Feature is a Very Useful Addition with the React v.17.0.

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