Ruth  Nabimanya

Ruth Nabimanya


Data Scientists: Myths vs. Realities [Misconceptions Debunked]

Anything that gains momentum quickly tends to become what everyone is talking about. And, the more people talk about something, the more misconceptions and myths pile up. Data Science and Analytics is one such domain that is continuously on the rise, and with it, is an increasing number of associated myths.

Today, we’re going to debunk some of these myths and misconceptions revolving around the lives and work of data scientists. But before we move on to that, let’s first understand at a typical day in the life of a data scientist.

Data Scientist

An organization has heaps of data that they’ve collected over time from various sources and in various formats. Now, they’ve decided to do something about it. They want to make their data count. Who do they turn to?

Data scientists!

Yes, data scientists whom the majority confuses to be some supernatural beings. These people are at the heart and soul of any organization’s data analytics team. They hold a vital position and though it might come as a surprise to you, their regular day is quite like the typical day of any other white-collar employee.

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Data Scientists: Myths vs. Realities [Misconceptions Debunked]