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Charles Cooper


What is AutoML Translation?

Having an application that’s only bound to one language can hinder you from reaching other markets. In this episode of AI Adventures, we show you how to use AutoML Translation to create custom translation models for generic translation tasks as well as specific niche vocabularies. Watch to learn how you can create production ready translation models for your application!


  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 1:24 - what is AutoML Translation?
  • 02:00 - When to use AutoML vs Translation API?
  • 2:50 - How to create a custom translation model?
  • 3:40 - Demo

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What is AutoML Translation?
Virgil  Hagenes

Virgil Hagenes


How to translate text with python


In this tutorial, we will explore different possibilities to translate a text or word using python. From my experience, this is very helpful if you want to automate the translation of many paragraphs, sentences or words.

Furthermore, you can have a backend worker, which receives new data constantly and can either return a request with the translation or store different translations in a database (this is very useful in NLP tasks).

One of the reasons to choose Python apart from the clear syntax and the extensive library is the great community that works extensively on the development of the language itself or extending the functionality with third party modules.

Precisely, one of the modules that makes it straightforward to translate texts is the deep_translator, which provides support for multiple famous translators.

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Guide On How The Professional French Translation Services Work In India

French translation services are very much adequate for the people who want to convey their brand reports, information, and other essentials to the French clients or audience. If the businesses can convey with the clients in their native language, then probably the business will experience a progressive hike.

French is one of the best known European languages, and more than 80 million people across the globe speak this language. Therefore, if you are running an MNC, then you might need to leverage the opportunity for seeking sales or business from those 80 million people across the globe.
For better clarity, you must know that French is the second language for more than 100 million people across the globe. If you are wondering why you need the French translation services, then follow this article till the end to get the proper guide on how the professional French translation services can help you out.
At NNB Transtech, we provide All Foreign Language Translation Services.

Hiring Professional French Translation Services!

The professional French translation services offered by the major companies are to help the new and established companies reach out to the French-speaking audience or clients for better business. There are professional firms that are dedicated to offering the best translation services to the top MNCs with the help of subject matter translation experts.

The best part about hiring professionals is that they have a team of French experts who are proficient in different backgrounds. For instance, the professional French translators working in a firm are knowledgeable about Finance, healthcare, automobile, business, and other such niches. Therefore, accuracy is its prime commitment. So, the first step to avail the perfect French translation is to hire the best firm that is offering you ideal French translation services as per your needs and requirements within the specified budget.

The top corporations & organizations are very commonly in touch with clients and consumers all across the globe. Therefore, getting the documents and essentials translated into French is important for the companies to establish healthy communication with the French-speaking audience or clients.

Explain Your French Translation Project to the Professionals

The French translation service providers will assign a project manager for your translation needs. They are trained to understand and pen down everything you need and want to be mentioned in the translated document or promotional media.

Whether you seek French translation for websites or documents, you need to elaborate on the business or field it is related to. Once you do that, you will be asked for giving details on the facts and figures that you don’t want to be altered and should be present in the final output compulsorily.
The medical documents and accounting papers need to be perfectly accurate in terms of figures and facts. No business or individual will want it altered! The skilled employees are well aware of the facts and figures as they are subject matter experts.
But even then, they prefer taking instructions from the clients to overlook the work done before delivering it to the client.

After you explain your project, you will be given a deadline, and the work will begin. Irrespective of the complexity of the document, the professional translators will get it done without much hassle. The professional firms have the right certifications to handle your diverse translation projects.
Start of the Translation Project

After you have handed over your important document or other essential for the French translation, the experts will commence with the work. They have the right tools and expertise to start with quality translation work.

The professional French translation firms make sure to do the translation humanly. It is so because the machines are not accurate and it takes a lot of time to review the machine-translated documents. Therefore, to promote perfection in terms of the French translation, the professionals get it done by humans for utmost accuracy on priority.

Whether you have a medical, technical, financial, or legal document for translation, the experts are certified professionals in the respective background to handle your project. They will start as per your instructions that you stated in the previous step.

You can get the translated document in the desired format such as Adobe in Design, PowerPoint, MSWord, PDF, and others. If you are willing to get your documents translated from English to French without compromising on quality and at affordable pricing, seeking help from professionals is the best option for you.

Delivery of the Translated French Document

After the document has been translated, it is then sent to the review team to look at the accuracy of all the facts and figures. It is the job of the professionals to look after the accuracy of the documents to make them convey the right information to the French clients and consumers.
They are determined to offer you excellent quality, and for that, a proper review is highly demanded before the delivery of the work to the clients. Along with that, the professional firms are open for any type of edits as per the request from the clients.

The professionals leave no loopholes for bringing up the chances of edits. But even if you need more perfection, you can always reach out to your outsourced team to get the edits done without any additional charges. Therefore, the professionals are highly preferred for French translation overdoing it on your own.


These are the steps that act as the guide for you as well as the professional French translation firms to help you offer the best services at affordable pricing. You might be wondering whether to take the help of professional firms or hire an individual language expert.
An amateur language expert might not be proficient with tools and essentials to handle your multiple needs in the French translation project. You might be limited on the outputs by hiring individuals for your projects.

Therefore, it is better to seek help from professionals to help your business get the best benefits by putting up the best French translated documents for healthy communication with French-speaking clients or consumers across the globe.

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Alec  Nikolaus

Alec Nikolaus


Can AutoML Outperform Data Scientists: A New Survey

Automated machine learning – or AutoML – was introduced to fill in for the talent gap in the ML industry and eliminate the mundane tasks of ML engineers. Over the years, many AutoML tools have been released. But, how good are these tools? Do they accomplish what they promise? Have they really become a solution to the dearth of talent in the data science industry?

In order to answer these long-standing questions, researchers from Fraunhofer Institute, Germany have investigated the state-of-the-art AutoML frameworks. To their surprise, they found that the AutoML tools are performing better or on par with their human counterparts.

AutoML was introduced to cut down the time spent in doing iterative tasks concerning model development. AutoML tools have helped developers to build scalable models with minimal domain expertise. So, how do they fare when pitted against humans?

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Oleta  Becker

Oleta Becker


How to Translate PDF with Python (Google vs AWS Translate)— extract and translate text

I needed to translate a PDF file containing text from English to Latvian. It turned out to be slightly more challenging than I initially thought, so I decided to write a tutorial to share what I learned and hopefully save some time for you. I have split my project into two parts.

This article is part one, and it focuses on how to read your PDF file, extract text, and translate it. It looks at two ways to translate the text — using Google Translate and AWS Translate.

Part 2 will look at how to create, format, and save a new PDF file from the obtained translation. You will find the link to my project in GitHub with the full code at the end of this article.

What this article covers?

  • How to read PDF files using Python PyPDF2 library and extract text from PDF
  • 2 ways to translate the text: python googletrans library and AWS Translate.

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Angelina Jeter

Angelina Jeter


Best Website Translation Services | 100+ Languages | Fast & Accurate

A website is like a visiting card that helps the audience to understand your services. But if you want to make your business trend overseas, you need to make your website content accessible to a diverse audience. This is where Website Translation Services Come into your use.

A website translation service translates your website content into a specific language. It makes your website accessible to a diverse audience and increases your web traffic.

Many businesses do not get the required number of traffic that they want. In such a case, the professional Website Translation Services help you increase your website.

Website Translation Services Cost

Most of the website translation services charge on the basis of word and turnaround times. You can research various websites to find out the cost of web translation. You can also compare quotes to find out the rates.

How to Pick The Best Website Translation Services Online?

To choose the most efficient website translation services, you need to conduct various researches. Most essentially, you need to find out the things that you need in your web translation. Based on your necessities, you should discover a website translation services that tailor fits all your needs.

Make sure the translators are highly qualified. They have the proper skills to translate web pages. It would be best if you also enquire whether the translators are web content writers. Web content writers are used to all the marketing terms to make your website more attractive for the audiences.

Five Ways of How Translation Services Increase Your Web Traffic?

Website translation services are used to translate high-quality web content. They have skilled Web content writers and translators. These translators have various tips and tricks to increase your web traffic. Here are five ways how they increase your web traffic.

Research and analyze the visitor’s behaviors

The skilled translators of the website translation services research about your website. They find out the appropriate audience and their role. This helps them to translate the contents that suit the audience most. They come up with the words that are best for your website. These words and one-liner enhance your service description and increase your web traffic.

Translate prices in local currency

The price is an essential element of any business. But if your price is not accessible to a diverse audience, you end up losing your potential customers. Skilled translators at website translation services translate the price structure to the local language. It helps visitors to know about your offers and prices.

Translate the FAQs

Frequently asked questions are a section where you clear all the doubts of your clients. The doubts may be regarding prices, services, types of products, and many more. Website translation services translate all these FAQs to the local language. It makes your content accessible to a diverse audience where they can clear all doubts before buying any product.

Translates your blog and news
Quality content is the most useful tool to market these days. Blogs and articles are elements of content marketing. The website translation services translate all the contents of your website in local language. It helps you with increasing traffic on your website.

Translates social media pages

Social media is another platform that helps you in advertising your services. Almost all the business these days are on social media platforms. The Website Translation Services helps you in translating your social media pages as well. They translate these pages into local language suitable for audiences. As a result, you get the maximum traffic for your website.

In conclusion, these were some ways how Website translation services help in increasing your traffic.

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