Python: Pandas DataFrame Transpose Example

Python: Pandas DataFrame Transpose Example

Pandas dataframe transpose() transpose the index and columns. Pandas transpose reflects the DataFrame over its main diagonal by writing rows as columns.

Pandas DataFrame.transpose() is a function that transpose index and columns. Pandas transpose reflects the DataFrame over its main diagonal by writing rows as columns and vice-versa.  Pandas DataFrame is a two-dimensional, size-mutable, potentially complex tabular data structure with labeled axes (rows and columns).

Pandas DataFrame transpose

In Pandas, use the T attribute or the transpose() method to swap (= transpose) the rows and columns of DataFrame. Neither method changes an original object but returns the new object with the rows and columns swapped (= transposed object).

Here, one thing to note that depending on the data type dtype of each column, the view is created instead of the copy, and changing the value of one of the original and transposed objects will change the other.


DataFrame.transpose(self, *args, **kwargs)

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