Test Driven Development with Node js Express

Test Driven Development with Node js Express

Build a complete fully functional backend rest application with express.js by testing nodejs with jest. You'll learn: Practice Test Driven Development in a real project from beginning to the end; Learn the test runner, Jest and understand how to structure test modules; Create a fully functional application with Express js; Learn how to build a RestFul API; Make your application configurable to work in different environments; Make your application aware of user locale, and support internationalization, i18n; Use Sequelize to connect the application to RDBMS like PostgreSQL and handle all database related operations; Secure your application with common practices. Basic authentication, JWT and your custom token implementation; ...

This is taken from my course, Test Driven Development with Node js, at udemy. https://bit.ly/3bhFlTL

In that course, we are be building a fully functional backend service with express js and while building that application, we are learning

  • how we can build a restful web service with express js, with all necessary functionalities like validation, internationalization, static resource serving, caching, json manipulation, interacting with external services

  • how we can handle database operations with orm package, sequelize.

  • how we can manage database version history and migrations

and we are learning

  • how test driven development works.

  • how it's affecting our code quality, reusability

  • how it's giving us the confidence about refactoring our implementation

  • how we can deploy the application to heroku

  • how we can create an instance in google cloud and deploy our application to it

  • and how we can automate the deployment with github actions.

The course is purely built on practice. Each code piece is written for the actual application implementation.

In each section we are gradually building the application. We are not jumping ahead and adding a functionality not needed for that moment. We are implementing one requirement at a time. And Each implementation will bring the next requirement to us.

Following this practice, will help us to get a solid foundation about overall rest web services requirements and how to implement one of them with node js by following test driven development methodology.

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