Ajax Price Slider / Filter Extension for Magento 2

Ajax Price Slider / Filter Extension for Magento 2

<p>Ajax Layered Navigation Price Slider Extension for Magento 2 saves the time of your customers by allowing them to quickly filter your store products using horizontal price slider to find their fit under custom budget. Customers can quickly adjust the product price slider dots that match their price range. Lightweight and mobile friendly extension. The extension uses AJAX to filter search results without completely reloading the webpage. </p>

As per one statistic, 75% of the shoppers will leave your site in less than 15 seconds if they don’t find whatever the product they are looking for. So, the filter like price and others help you keep up with what customers need. It provides customers an option to narrow down products that fit into their budget from the thousand of other out of budget products. This feature is essential because the price of any product is a key factor that helps customers to decides whether they should purchase from you or not. By default, Magento price filter is not that much capable of providing a satisfactory result to your customers.

But with the help of Mconnect AJAX Price Slider Extension for Magento 2 stores, the admin can add an elegant looking horizontal price slider to their category or product listing pages under the default layered navigation. Your customers will be able to quickly select the price range according to their budget by sliding price dots. The extension is able to fetch min and max price values from your Magento 2 store so you don’t have to specify separately. Also, the extension is integrated with AJAX, which shows the result without page refresh or reloads. The price slider extension saves a lot of time of your customers in finding the perfect product that fits into their budget without manually entering the price to find the desired product.

Features of Mconnect AJAX Price Slider/Filter Extension for Magento 2:

  • Customers can use the filter option to find a product in their budget range.
  • Simply enable/disable the extension horizontal slider.
  • The extension can fetch min and max price values from your Magento 2 store.
  • AJAX integration to filter products without refreshing or reloading pages.
  • The module is lightweight and mobile-friendly.
  • Works effortlessly on any Magento 2 custom theme.
  • Option to apply multiple filters at ones.
  • The extension offers a quick price selection by sliding price dots.
  • Enhances user experience while shopping online.

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